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Jul 3, 2008 11:16 AM

Taron Bakery... Armenian heaven!!

Taron Bakery in Glendale... I found out about this place as my mom brought over and casually slapped down a stack of some really tasty Lahmajun (Armenian pizza) the other night. The best, and I mean the BEST Spinach and Cheese beoregs I’ve ever had since my aunt used to make them growing up. A perfect combination of spices, spinach/cheese, and oil baked into a crispy flatbread served fresh daily.

Only 5 items on the menu... Cheese Beoreg, Spicy Cheese Beoreg, Spinach Beoreg, Lahmajun, and one other thing that I completely missed as I was salivating over the fresh spinach beoreg that just came out of the oven... yes, I’m a nut for well made spinach beoreg. The lahmajun costs $.90 each and the beoregs are $1.50. The beoregs are about the size of a medium size plate and heartily stuffed with whatever you order (spinach or cheese).

Taron Bakery
1117 S Glendale Ave
Glendale, CA 91205
(818) 553-1883

Located off of south Glendale Ave in Glendale and shares the north parking lot of the Shakey’s pizza down there.

The service was dry and abrasive but the food made up for that many times over. Order quickly, find a quiet place, and pig out on the Armenian goodness!!!

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  1. ooohhh, sounds great!

    1. Thank you Mr. Shankly.

      1. Do you know if they had my beloved Tahini Bread?

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        1. re: glutton

          Unfortunately, they have a VERY limited menu right now and I don't think they offer Tahini Bread. However, it did seem like they were well stocked in equipment and personnel and could easily expand their menu soon. You can call and ask them and they may be able to make it for you. If you do, report back to us and let us know how it is.

          1. re: glutton

            Just for my sake, glutton, where do they have your beloved Tahini bread, and are you willing to enter into a threesome with both it and me?

            1. re: Diana

              My apologies for the misinformation on my original post... but they DO have FRESH TAHINI BREAD!!!! I went there again this morning, you know, just for the smell of fresh baked beoreg and nothing else;) The tahini bread is delicious as well. Funny you should mention it Diana but I did have a threesome this morning after visiting the bakery... me and two submissive spinach beoregs in the front seat of my car... while driving!!!:)

              1. re: mrshankly

                So long as all this was done hands-free, then the LAPD doesn't care.

                1. re: Diana

                  I've gotten it at two places. I like Avo's, which is the brand they carry in some of the Jon's supermarkets. Be diligent because it is often tucked away under some other random breads.

                  I also bought it once at an Armenian bakery called Partamians that is well known for its lahmajune. . It was in a somewhat random location on Adams, off Fairfax and south of the 10. A couple Mexican guys run it now, but they inherited it from the family that originally started it. The lahmajune is great. The tahini bread was much thicker and cloyingly sweet, so I was not a huge fan of it.

                  1. re: glutton

                    I went to Taron yesterday... the cheese boereg was good. The lahmajune, hot out of the oven, was incredible. They were out of tahini bread, which they do not make a lot of and they do not make it everyday. I'll need to make a return visit.

                    There was a short line of older Armenian couples waiting for the hot lahmajune. They were all standing there eating them on the spot. That's a very good sign in my book..

              2. We had lunch today at the Taron Bakery on Hollywood and Kenmore in E Hollywood. The Armenian pizza was fresh and delicious, we saw them taking it out of the oven. Ther're $1.50 each.

                The spicy cheese beorek was also right out of the oven and piping hot. It took a little time for this one to cool down. It was $2.50, and quite a bit of food.

                The spinach beorek was tangy and delicious. This was baked a little earlier and they heated it up for us.

                This is a great place, and very inexpensive.

                Taron Bakery
                4950 Hollywood Boulevard (at Kenmore)
                East Hollywood

                1. I frequent the Hollywood branch...good stuff!