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Whats your FAVORITE way to cook a STEAK

I'm turning into a huge steak fanatic (porterhouse and ribeyes) and ive tried about all the different ways to cook them... Turns out I LOVE a good pan cooked steak, I prefer it way over a grill.. i let it get to room temp., put on some olive oil and garlic salt and cook the baby (getting a nice crust) till medium rare to medium...Whats your favorite way to cook a steak?

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  1. Extra hot, extra fast. Straight from the fridge. It's gotta be cold and red inside.

    1. Having cooked literally thousands of steaks over the past 45 years, I like a porterhouse or ribeye as well, USDA prime, dry aged, 1 1/2 inches thick, seasoned only with kosher or sea salt, and cooked over a hot charcoal, not briquets, fire. Get a good crust and then move to cooler part of grill. Then put on pepper and garlic(garlic tastes bitter if it burns) and let rest 3-5 minutes. That's how we do it in Tallahassee.

      1. Same way, more or less. Room temperature steak, salt and pepper, and a hot cast-iron pan with a tiny bit of oil.

        1. Olive oil and steak seasoning on top sirloin.
          Grilled to medium rare and left to rest while I eat a salad.
          Nice glass of red wine.


          1. sprinkled with s & p, and then thrown into a screaming hot pan with melted butter and oil for about 30 seconds on each side.

            I like mine blood rare and rested. I also like to mash my baked potato into the blood/juices that run out of the steak

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                amen to that.

                those juices make the ultimate baked potato - and now the only time i ever want a baked potato is with a rare, juicy steak.

              2. I used to enjoy salt only. Now I use a rub of kosher salt, crushed black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and a touch of oregano. Always in a cast iron pan with olive oil and a touch of butter. Medium Rare to Rare for me.

                1. take it out of the fridge, put it on a plate and walk it through a warm room. :P

                  grilled ribeye's are my favorite, sometimes I like a bit of a marinade on it, other times just the basics.

                  marinated and grilled skirt steak is becoming a favorite this summer...

                  steaks must be cooked rare for me

                  1. Outdoors - Hot grill, get those grill marks and flip, get those grill marks to med-rare. Salt and pepper after cooking
                    Indoors - Salt and pepper first, then some butter/OO in a pan. sear and flip sear and finish in 400 oven.

                    Jfood is a PH steaker. Also many will tell you that you have to bring to room temp. Jfood does not, still a personal preference.

                    1. Ribeye broiled w/salt.

                      1. Costco rib-eye steaks to start with. I bring them out of frig and leave out for about 30 minutes. Grill fired up with coconut extruded lump charcoal, lump about 1" from the grill, lump totally lit up, probably 900-1,000 degrees.

                        Salt the steaks get grill marks on both sides and then pull to other side of grill that doesn't have any lump under it. Drop lid and bring internal steak temp to about 118 and then pull and let rest for 5 minutes.

                        1. ricepad, bisubeats, we're almost siblings. I like mine red and dripping: start with steak at room temp, S&P, throw into the super heated pan for up to a minute per side--and eat with fresh, hot rice.

                          1. My favorite is rib eye, at room temp, just olive oil, s & p, on a hot grill (med rare). My latest is flank steak with a marinade, med rare too - been having a blast with this cut.

                            1. Room temperature steak, screaming hot cast iron pan, oil, salt and pepper. I usually make a pan sauce with some wine, butter, and herbs depending on what I have on hand (madeira and tarragon is my favorite).

                              1. Having done it many different ways, exactly as you do, in a hot grill pan on the stove, with a light coating of olive oil, and grill seasoning, or simple salt/pepper...Cooked quickly...Ummm...best way...Oh, and yes, I bring the steak to room temp before it is cooked....

                                1. cook??

                                  that's a new one on me.

                                  1. Ingredients:

                                    Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan - Hot
                                    Skirt Steak - Trimmed, Skin removed

                                    Sear on both sides so that meat is rare inside (raw inside is also ok). It may take 1 or 2 minutes per side depending on the thickness of the meat. Salt after searing each side.

                                    DO NOT let it rest. Eat immediately by itself or with little chunks of bread.

                                    Notes: The quality of the meat is not consistent, even when buying from the same butcher. This cut comes vacuum sealed to the butcher ((at least in my area).

                                    I use a reversible Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan that has a grill on one side and a gridle on the other. I like the grill side. I don't like the gridle side for steak.