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Jul 3, 2008 10:52 AM

Kelsey's White Chocolate Tilapia

Has anyone gone to a Red Lobster to try the dish that Kelsey created a couple weeks back on FN's Next Food Network Star? I was travelling for business this week & checked it out (since it wasn't my $ I'd be spending on such an item). Ordinarily, I avoid RL, but I saw one coming up on the road and thought I'd go in specifically to check this dish out.

Well, it was interesting to say the least. Very sweet, and not quite as heavy as I expected it to be, but certainly could not be considered light fare as most tilapia preparations would. The fillet is pan broiled and comes smothered in the sauce (nothing subtle about how RL presents its dishes) and is covered with crushed macadamia nuts. I seem to recall there being coconut in this dish from the show, and perhaps there was a very slight hint of coconut in the sauce, but I did not detect any actual coconut in the dish. Most likely any coconut flavor came from some coconut milk in the sauce.

My overall opinion was that if this sauce was used to complement a well-prepared piece of fish, it might actually be very good. But in the way that RL presents it, it's a bit over top and certainly made me feel as though it was covering up for a poorly cooked piece of fish, which mostly likely was the case! Of course, that probably accurately most of the other sauces that RL features on its menu. Anyone else?

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  1. not personally but another foodie i know said he went to try it and thought it was surprisingly good.

    1. I have not tried the dish at Red Lobster.

      I think Red Lobster adjusted her dish though.

      If you go to the Food Network site, and look at the recipe they give, it is different from the recipe given on Red Lobster's website (accompanied by a video of Kelsy demonstrating).... which is different still from a commercial spot I saw on TV about them brushing the fish with a pina-colada glaze before cooking it.

      1. I didn't watch the particular show. My bro went to Red Lobster and loved it.
        Then he bought a second dish and took it home.
        He didn't tell any of the family what it was. He just kept insisting: "Try it! Try it!"
        And I was incredibly surprised.
        Okay-it blew me away.

        I didn't know they were two versions. Hmmm...I'll try both.