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Jul 3, 2008 10:48 AM

Seafood/Lobster in and around Augusta ME

I'm looking for a lobster pound or seafood joint in and around the Augusta or Wayne area. Any recommendations?

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  1. Sonny's in Readfield is closest "shack" type place. They had been just a fish market but recently (2 years?) also added cooked items w/ sit down area.

    1. Go East young (wo)man, go east! Take RT. 17 down to Rockland and the Midcoast Area. Lots of places. Or head south From Hallowell along the river and there might be a drive in. Things are getting foggy. Any help?

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        There is a place in Dresden on 27, Have never tried it. But this is pretty far afield from OP's request for "Augusta-Wayne" area.

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          Would love to head east but have 2 nights in the area. Any chowish rec's would be welcome -not just lobster/seafood. Headind down to Yarmouth on day #3.

          1. re: Eliznan

            Check out Hallowell...just south of Augusta...Rte 201 (State Street becomes Water Stt, Hallowell).

            Lots of restaurants and live music options.

            Liberal Cup...brewpub w/ excellent pub food.

            Slates...eclectic...local/organic sourced.

            Cafe de Bangkok...good thai for Maine/fresh sushi.

            Higher w/ music 6 nights a week.

            The Wharf..."dive" bar w/live bands

            In Yarmouth...upscale...Seagrass Bistro. Also nearby in Falmouth (Rte1A) is Falmouth Sea Grill...superfresh, simply prepared lobster, excellent mussel apps...views of Casco Bay.

            1. re: HDinCentralME

              This was extremely helpful. Thanks!

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            Need to be in the area for 2 nights. Would love any chowish rec's. Heading down to Yarmouth on day #3.

            1. re: Eliznan

              Two spots in Oakland that are worth the drive:

              Alden Camps, ( a traditional Maine sporting camp with a very untraditional menu. Reservations are essential--Friday nights is usually an outdoor lobster and seafood bake.

              Riverside Farm Market, erving breakfast, lunch and maybe dinner. Also delish prepared foods, baked goods and, of course, produce.

              And in Belgrade Lakes, Wings Hill does a five-course fixed-price menu. (

              1. re: Mainegal

                Great rec's. It doesn't look like Alden Camps takes outsiders for dinner. Would you know if they do?

                1. re: Eliznan

                  It has in the past, but you do need reservations as tables for outsiders are limited and may vary with inhouse guest count.