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Jul 3, 2008 10:47 AM

[DFW] Taqueria El Paisano [DFW]

I was curious if anyone else has found this place? I actually saw it one time returning from a trip into Love Field, you fly right over it and saw the tortillas hechos a mano sign emblazoned on the building (I don't think they follow that policy anymore but still tatsy nonetheless). I have been several times now and even a Salvadoran restauranteur friend of mine highly praises this place. I have yet to find a place that has better tacos al pastor with flour or corn tortillas in the city. The salsa in the molcajete is awesome with the chips, but I really like the spicy red salsa (chile de arbol salsa perhaps?) but the tomatillo salsa is great as well. For $1.15 for a corn and $1.40 for a flour tortilla taco it is a hard place to beat. They only serve two meats fajita and al pastor. If you only serve two meats it is hard to go wrong. All orders come with cilantro, fresh diced white onions, a side of carmelized onions and lemons. I have not tried any other dishes b/c the tacos are that good!

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  1. Where exactly are they located?

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      I have to agree with the original poster. This place is great. From Northwest Highway, turn North on to Webb Chapel. Webb Chapel will merge into Lombardy. Just stay staight... After you pass the Sonic, it is on the Right. Make sure to have some singles because they have parking attendents to watch your car.

      1. re: bubblemom

        Actually you just have to shoo them away from your vehicle. They were parking cars when I went on Friday but I did not pay them anything. They are basically enterprising individuals who collect money from whoever will pay them. Besides that the place has awesome food.

        2911 Lombardy Ln #100
        Dallas, TX 75220