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Jul 3, 2008 10:45 AM

San Clemente for lunch??

We are meeting the in-laws on Saturday in San Clemente for lunch...any great places for something more than just sandwiches and pizza??? I would love to have a nice entree, a good cocktail and maybe sit outside. We have a 2 month old and a 2.5 year old who will eat anything so a kid menu is not required.

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  1. Two suggestions because you have two youngins (otherwise, I'd recommend VINE).
    (1) go to Dana Point Harbor and enjoy the Harbor Grill
    Dana Point is not far from San Clemente at all (exit PCH from I-5) and The Harbor Grill is located in a place where your youngins could walk around (if need be) without it being in parking lot (but don't tell them the store next door has ice cream cones!maybe). On the harbor water with some tables with a view.
    (2) San Clemente - The Fisherman's
    The food is not extremely great, but the ambience /location is good.
    (3) More . . my friend who lives in San Clemente just called.
    She suggests Beach Fire Bar and Grill because on a Saturday the wait at The Fisherman's might be aggravating.
    (4) And, she suggests Gordan James Grill

    1. Fisherman's is far and away the best beach-side location though, as kc girl says, the prepared menu food is not great. If you are OK with seafood salads, clams, mussels, crab,etc.. it is fine. It's right on the water (as in ON TOP OF THE WATER).

      In Dana Point:

      Harbor Grill has much better menu items (fish dishes,etc.) and has an outside patio, but no real water view.

      In the same area (up on the Dana Point bluffs) are Cannons and Chart House both have views and reasonable good menus.

      1. There is O.C. Tavern, located at the bridge on the Calafia exit (southbound) of the 5 fwy. Kind of Yardhouse-ish. Has outside seating and full bar.

        El Mariachi on the same street just a bit north of O.C. Tavern if Mexican is an option.

        1. Thank you everyone... I was afraid of the Fisherman's since it is the holiday weekend and I thought parking would be tricky. We went to Beach Fire and the food was good but my Patron cadillac margarita was DIVINE!! I was shocked when they served it in a plastic cup and my hubby got his beer in a glass. Whatever..i was insulted and was about to go and complain until I tasted it and it was soooo nice and strong. It was clear there was a liberal pour in there.
          We started with nice and crispy sweet potato fries and seared ahi. Both nice.
          I had the standard fish tacos...OK.
          Overall it was a nice meal, the kids did great and we enjoyed the nice patio. Best part was my margarita!!