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Jul 3, 2008 10:15 AM

Nantucket- Summer House or Straight Wharf

We have a couple of friends coming to Nantucket for the first time. We have reservation at the Summer House and I've heard that the food is not what it has been in the past so we are thinking of going to the Straight Wharf. We have not been to either place in a couple of years, but we have enjoyed both of the them in the past and we are curious if anyone has had any recent experience with either. We would also welcome any other recommendations (we are heading to the Galley tonight).
Also a bit of background on our friends; they are from the midwest, and are meat and potato fans. While we would love to try American Season's or Company of the Cauldron, I think our friends would like something more traditional.

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  1. Straight Wharf - had great reviews about their new chefs coming back in a CH post back in early May. Can't go wrong with this long time treasure - especially with the new chefs from last year.
    Do a google and a CH search.

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      amanda lydon and gabriel frasca are at straight wharf. out of those two options, would definitely choose SW. but in my opinion, if you want a super special night out, i would go with American Seasons. I was out a couple times in May & June and it's more than the food--it's the entire dining experience there that makes it so special. Don't know if the menu has changed, but they had an amazing duck dish, this "meatloaf" thing with foie gras....and they always have a steak dish that would fit your friends needs. The food there may actually be more straightforward that you'd think....would definitely give it a try.

    2. We adore SW:
      but not sure if meat & potatoes crowd would like. Regardless, stop by there for a drink!

      1. I would do the Brotherhood of Thieves, a great pub style atmosphere with great simple food.....