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Jul 3, 2008 10:03 AM

Time to kill before the Eurostar

I will have a couple hours to kill before the end of a meeting in Paris and catching the 7:13 p.m. Eurostar back to London. I will be leaving Neuilly and heading to Gare du Nord, and know my way around via Metro.

Any suggestions on a good foodie spot to go in between? My first thought is Bon Marche; is there anything at/near the station that's worth considering?

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  1. Bon Marche is at least 30 mins from Neuilly by metro, but quite an easy journey from St Sulpice on line 4. I would recomend checking out the foodhall at Galleries Laffeyette as it seems closer but it is probably more painful to get to than Bon Marche.

    There isn't a lot around Gare du Nord although I hear some good reports about the brasserie "Terminius Nord" - it is part of the Flo group so it will be dependable (but not stellar)

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      thanks -- I find the Gare du Nord a little spooky, but Terminus Nord sounds like a possible refuge.

    2. Whenever I go to Paris I go to both. If I had to choose......? I always seem to buy more at Bon Marche than Gal Laf but Im sure thats because I have already been to Bon Marche first and bought almost everything there.

      Gal Laf does seem closer, but no direct connex to Gare du Nord. If you can walk to St.Lazare RER from Gal Laf then take E to Magenta there is access to Gare du Nord from that station if you dont mind tunneling underground for a while

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        Or you could pick up the 43 bus at Gare St Lazare (not too far from Gal. Laf.) Its terminus is at the Gare du Nord.

      2. Breton cooking at Chez Michel, 10, rue de Belzunce, just behind the church of Saint Vincent de Paul.