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Dinner in Franklin and Brentwood, TN


My family will be visiting the Nashville area for a week and we were looking to have a few dinners in the Brentwood and Franklin area. If anyone can give suggestions on where to eat, I'd really appreciate it. We are not looking for an expensive dinner and are open to all types of cuisine.


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  1. Corky's BBQ in Brentwood is right off I-65 at Old Hickory Boulevard. You can order online and pick it up if you'd like to have a picnic. Don't miss out on the pie.

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      Hmmm...I have to respectfully disagree about Corky's. If you're going to eat barbecue in Williamson County, you can do a lot better than Corky's. Without even leaving Brentwood, you can eat at Stroud's Barbecue, which, although not outstanding, is really good, and is local. If you want the real deal, head down to Nolensville and eat at Martin's.

      Martin's Barbeque Joint
      7215 Nolensville Rd, Nolensville, TN 37135

      Strouds Barbeque
      5024 Harpeth Dr, Brentwood, TN 37027

    2. Corky's is great. Brentwood doesn't stand out to me as a dining destination, other than Mere Bulle's (expensive). And I grew up in Brentwood, and now have lived in Franklin for the past 15 years.

      There are your usual chains in Cool Springs (which is the retail mecca on the Franklin/Brentwood border) - PF Chang's, Outback, Famous Daves, Bonefish, Chili's, Buca Di Beppo, Saltgrass Steaks, Cozymel's, you name it, its there...gosh there are tons!!

      Sportsman's Lodge in the Cool Springs area (technically Brentwood..on the border of Franklni) is pretty good - great menu, good catfish and burgers, BBQ on corncakes. Huge log cabin.

      Jasmine (Thai) in Cool Springs is wonderful, as is Basil.

      Amerigo in Cool Springs for good Italian.

      Noshville in Cool Springs for Deli.

      I like Bodeli for Sushi and am partial to Omikoshi for bento boxes/hibachi (both in Cool Springs

      Bread & Company for a quick sandwich, soup, salad meal. Yum. (Cool Springs

      I'm not sure when Boscos opens, but it's a brewery with incredible good food. (Cool Springs

      Franklin Chop House (not the chain) - Franklin

      Pie in the Sky Pizza (Cool Springs

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        I lived in Franklin for a year .My favorite resteraunt was Sportsmans Lodge .

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          the Sportsmansgrille the Texas tips are to die for!

        2. In Franklin, Puckett's Grocery.

          We've been there twice and both times the food was excellent.



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          1. Thank you, everybody! I will be printing out this extensive list and ckg them out.

            1. I absolutely second the NO to Corkys and the yes to Pucketts. Sol and Red Pony in Franklin deserve consideration too.

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                Red Pony is fantastic....here's a post I wrote a while back http://www.chowhound.com/topics/427882

                also, Saffire in the Factory at Franklin is really good.

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                  Saffire looks good! Thank you! I was going on the web looking at it and saw that there is a restaurant called Stoveworks. Is that any good?

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                  I third the NO to Corky's. I second the yes to Martin's. Went there for lunch today and it was very good BBQ. I'm not from here, but have been eating pulled-pork for about 40 years (my mom hails from Jackson) and I know it when I taste it. The 'green beans' were so good looking, I took a picture. More pulled pork than beans. Vegetables a Spaniard would love!

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                    I'd love to see that picture, if you can post it, AustinBear.

                3. Puckett's in Franklin is good--good music too. Dotson's in Franklin is great for traditional Southern breakfast--amazing biscuits, grits, etc., and super warm atmosphere.

                  1. At Corky's, they have barbecue. The sauce is supersweet. In cooking barbecue ribs, you can tell if they've been long-cooked because the tough skin on the back of the ribs will start melting of its own accord after about 2 hours and will disappear after 5 hours. At Corky's, they are intact, and most of the smoke flavor comes from a bottle. And the architecture is all wrong. To get authentic barbecue, the joint should have a tin roof, concrete block walls and be enshrouded in smoke. Corky's is Provincial Holiday Inn style. The Nashville area is known for its Meat-and-Three restaurants (i.e., a plate with one meat and three vegetables). One of the better ones is Dotson's in Franklin. There's also a fast-food joint in Brentwood call Mrs. Winner's, where there are two items worth going for - a biscuit filled with country ham and a cinnamon roll (may be called a swirl). Mrs. Winner's, once widespread in the South, is now only in Nashville and Atlanta areas.

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                      Mrs. Winners sounds delicious! MMMMM!!!!! Thank you!

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                        Mrs Winner's sounds like a winner! MMMMM!!! Thank you!

                      2. And here are some other non-barbecue places:

                        Wild Iris
                        Puffy Muffin
                        Peter's Thai and Sushi
                        Mere Bulles

                        Go to downtown Franklin, there are several exellent restaurants all within walking distance of one another, including:
                        Red Pony

                        Also in Franklin:
                        The Bunganut Pig

                        230 Franklin Rd, Franklin, TN 37067

                        Bunganut Pig
                        1143 Columbia Ave Ste B1, Franklin, TN 37064

                        Dotson's Restaurant
                        99 E Main St, Franklin, TN

                        SOL Restaurant
                        403 Main Street, Franklin, TN 37064

                        Red Pony
                        408 Main Street, Franklin, TN 37064

                        Puckett's Grocery
                        120 4th Ave S, Franklin, TN 37064

                        Merridee's Breadbasket
                        110 4th Ave S, Franklin, TN

                        Mere Bulles
                        5201 Maryland Way, Brentwood, TN 37203

                        Peter's Sushi-Thai
                        330 Franklin Rd, Brentwood, TN

                        Puffy Muffin
                        229 Franklin Rd, Brentwood, TN 37027

                        Wild Iris Cafe
                        127 Franklin Rd, Brentwood, TN

                        1. FYI, this is an old topic, but they just opened a Judge Bean's in Brentwood down the street from Corkeys. Much better BBQ.

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                            Yes. Also, the Stroud's in Brentwood went out of business. A Subway has moved into that space.

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                              just emailed sportsmans grille- we are comingwith a big group - do they have a nice big area for a baseball team?

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                                sportsmans would be a great place for a large group/sports team. It is basically good bar food but has an atmosphere they would like. Note many of the places listed here would not be suitable at all for the group you mention.

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                                  thanks-I realize most won't work -just trying to get some ideas and reading anything- called Sportsmans today and he said it would work- they ahve 2 areas for big groups

                          2. I would avoid Criallos. I had a bad meal there, tried it again, and it was even worse. Very expensive for the quality of the food.

                            Try Saffire or Red Pony. Sperry's is good for steaks.

                            230 Franklin Rd, Franklin, TN 37067

                            Red Pony
                            408 Main Street, Franklin, TN 37064

                            Criallos Cafe and Bar
                            1935 Mallory Ln, Franklin, TN 37067