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Jul 3, 2008 09:15 AM

Where to get apple wood chips in Toronto?

Logs or anything? It seems borderline impossible to find.

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  1. Home Hardware carries a fairly diverse line of wood chips compared to their offerings in previous years including apple. That would be the most convenient choice.

    In the past I would have recommended Sobies, but I've found their quality to be slipping.

    1. Try

      I think they were last selling them by the barrel but might do smaller quantities this season.

      1. Home depot also used to have the wood chips in the bbq/seasonal area

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        1. re: smr714

          I don't recall anything sweeter than maple chips there.

          1. re: jayt90

            At Home Hardware I've purchased alder, apple, cherry, pecan, and of course hickory & mesquite. No maple or oak, but good enough selection for most purposes.

            1. re: Googs

              Googs, you smoke??

              You have a smoker or just do it on the grill??


              1. re: Davwud

                As I live downtown in a condo it's a propane 'cue with cast iron smoker box for now. My neighbours might not be so neighbourly if I put a full-on smoker up there. They need to be able to enjoy their rooftop decks as well.

                I still find the smoker box works just fine for slow & low purposes such as chicken, pork, lamb leg, and ribs. Even short/high burst cue's such as steak benefit if I'm careful enough. It definitely makes a discernible and enjoyable difference in taste. I can't imagine steak without the influence of wood now.

                1. re: Googs

                  Googs, where did you get the smoker box and how much?

                  1. re: Teep

                    Is it possible to smoke at home without any fancy-schmancy things? ie. somewhere along the lines of pour some water over the applewood chips, wrap it up in some aluminium foil, stick in the oven at low heat, and judiciously turn on every fan/exhaust system in my condo?
                    Or am I just being too wishful....

                    1. re: gijoeanne

                      Death wishful. Do not, not, not, not, not do that.

                      Teep, they're commonly available at any hardware store. No need for a trip to a specialist. I got mine at Home Hardware. Can't remember what I paid, but I do recall it wasn't very much.

                      Just be sure to buy cast iron and don't put anything in it that isn't wood. No briquettes, no pellets, or any other silly device. Sure they're easier to use, but deliver very unpleasant results.

                      1. re: Googs

                        I bought one as a gift for someone at Crappy Tire.


                      2. re: gijoeanne

                        I just use aluminum foil pouches with holes poked in them, filled with 1/3rd wet and 2/3rd dry woodchips; but this is in a propane BBQ.. I definitely couldn't or wouldn't advise doing it inside of your oven

                        1. re: gijoeanne

                          Actually, you can smoke on your stovetop using wood sawdust and a suitable cooking vessel. The best known cooker is the Cameron's Stovetop Smoker. Once you see how it is made, you can improvise something similar quite easily from a pot with a tight lid, a rack, and some foil. Cameron's sells many kinds of wood, but anything that is very finely cut will work. So does a strong tea (a classic Chinese cooking method).

                          Though you need a decent external exhaust fan, you will not kill yourself by using this method. Note, though, that you will be HOT smoking while you cook and you will get a smoky background hint rather than something done low/slow and redolent of smoke.

                          There is also a foil smoker cooking bag system that you can use in the oven. These are made in Finland and work very well. One brand name is "Savu". Home Depot was selling these for $1.00 apiece last year, though they don't seem to have any at the moment. I've seen these for as much as $7 at specialty shops under various brand names. They come with several varieties of wood and in several smoke strengths. I have made some amazing short ribs in these bags, but this system can get really pricey at $7 each.

                          1. re: embee

                            "This system can get really pricey at $7 each."



                            1. re: Davwud

                              This is a "use once and throw away" cooking bag which contains wood dust and some other seasoning elements in a perforated chamber. At the $7 price charged by some stores which carry it, this becomes a very expensive way to add smoke flavour to food. (A comparable quantity of plain wood dust costs very little.) Last year's Home Depot price made it a good deal.

                      3. re: Googs

                        I could regale you with stories of billows of smoke coming off the balcony of our first appartment. Pretty hilarious.


                        1. re: Davwud

                          I had a fire truck visit when I used too-wet maple chips over charcoal in a Weber (nice neighbours!). The fireman said, "Damn, there's nothing here!"

                  2. re: jayt90

                    we bought applewood chips at the home depot on curity. We used this weekend to smoke chicken. wow.

                2. Check the pick-your-own orchards. Most sell apple wood suitable for smoke chips.
                  I get mine from Ferri's Orchards in Brampton(Steeles+Heritage Rd.) Ten bucks bought a big mesh bag of 2-5 inch thick lengths that lasts awhile. Ontario Gas BBQ will sell high unit cost chips, so try the orchards for a way better deal.

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                  1. re: Kagemusha

                    This is the way.

                    There are two apple orchards near where I live and that's where I get my apple. You'll probably have to break it down since it comes in logs. It's worth it though. Apple is the best I've used.


                  2. These links might help: , or
                    They both should carry what you are looking for. Basques shows that they are mainly providing Maple, but they will know where to get other types.