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Jul 3, 2008 09:00 AM

What is a guarenteed crowd pleaser?

After reading a thread about potluck etiquette, I was inspired to organize one for the office...thankfully our whole office looooves food so getting everyone on board was no problem.

My only issue now is, what should I bring?! What is one dish that is guarenteed to please and ideally, does not need reheating?

Last time, I brought tri coloured pasta salad with feta cheese, homemade pesto, halved cherry tomatoes and yellow pepper.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!!

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  1. Deviled eggs. They are always gone in a heart beat. You can fix them classic, with shrimp, use avocado instead of mayo, sprinkle bacon or pancetta over them. The sky is the limit.

    1. Pigs in a blanket, bacon wrapped prunes, inari zushi, nori maki, musubi, smoked salmon (pricey), macaroni salad, potato salad, chicken wings (hundreds of ways), carpaccio, ...

      1. What type of people are in the workplace? I ask because I've worked in places where people are obsessed with calorie counting, lots are vegetarian, or in other places where something like sushi or semi-exotic would not go over well at all.

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          no, no definetly no calorie counting in THIS office. we love our food.

        2. We've done more than a few potlucks here at work. One time we had so many people interested in participating that we split it up into a breakfast potluck and a lunch potluck!
          Some things that always went fast:
          baked ham (kept warm in it's ginerale/brownsugar sauce in a crock pot)
          deviled eggs
          viet summer rolls
          fried rice (even nice at room temp)
          fried chicken (served cold)
          swedish meatballs (again, crockpot)
          spinach and swiss quiche (room temp)

          1. Hello Dolly (AKA "magic") Bars with Sweetened condensed milk always seem to be hit around here.