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Jul 3, 2008 08:46 AM

Last minute--4th of July for large group

Ok, this is a tough one. I suddenly find myself organizing a dinner for a group of 10-12 people, including 5 kids ranging from ages -12, for an early dinner tomorrow (the 4th). Any ideas for a fun, casual place that can take a large group. Location is somewhat open. Northwest Philly/Eastern Montco. would be great, but we could also head into Center City. Help me please! I don't want to end up at Olive Garden or some other such horror.

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  1. Dante and Luigis in South Philly can normally accommodate a big group without much notice. Also, Jones might be able to accommodate if you call them ahead of time...I think they take reservations for bigger groups.

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      dante and luigis doesn't take big reservations on the weekend, though you may be able to plead with them. but if you stress that you can come in early (like 5.30/6) they will probably accomodate you. also try mezza luna (two blocks away).

    2. Thanks, those are good ideas. As it turns out, we've decided to just clean the house and have everyone over for a cookout (ah--the joy of having the most guest-friendly house in the family), but I'll keep those suggestions in mind for the future. I've always wanted to try Dante and Luigi's.