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Jul 3, 2008 08:33 AM

Sunday Lunch in Downtown

Hello All,
I'm looking for some advice. I'm looking for a good restaurant as close as possible to 1500 McGill College Avenue (the Indigo Place Montreal Trust). It's for lunch on Sunday, and it has to be a place with very good service (we need to be done in an hour), and the best food possible. Also, the quieter the better. Price is not an issue. Any ideas?

Thanks so much!

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  1. I'm not sure if Mbrgr is open on Sunday for lunch, but worth checking!

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    1. re: nochainsplease

      Not to get into the issue of the rapidly declining food quality at m:brgr, but one of the criteria was "the quieter the better", and the last time I was there, I couldn't carry on a conversation with the person across the rather small table from me, the music was so loud.

      1. re: cherylmtl

        I went for lunch on Sunday and it wasnt as loud as it is on a Thursday night for instance, as the crowd is older and quieter.

        Other suggestions would be Cafe Vasco da Gamma (Upscale sandwich/salad place) or Alexandre (typical bistro fare), both on Peel, you can easily be out of there in an hour,

    2. Thanks for the suggestions! Right now I have Bistro L'Aromate booked, but I'm going to look at the places suggested. Has anyone had any experiences at Bistro L'Aromate?

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        Hiya, check out:

        Anyone been to l'Aromate?

        Please report back on your experience!

        1. re: kpzoo

          We went to L'Aromate on Sunday, and my experience was fairly good. The restaurant was empty except for us, so the only noise was street noise. The staff was very sensitive to the fact that we only had an hour. The decor was nice. However, I wasn't that impressed with the food. I had soup (I can't remember what kind, except it was red...), a duck confit salad and the creme brulee trio. The soup and salad were alright, but the creme brulee was pretty terrible and pretty close to scrambled eggs. The person I was with had no complaints, other than their ice cream was in an overly elaborate presentation that made it difficult to eat. I think I might try L'Aromate again if I was in similar circumstances, but hopefully next time I have more time to try something a bit more exciting!

          Thanks again for all your advice!

          1. re: flyingchameleon

            I went to l'Aromate today for lunch. It was my second time and except the noise factor, I was thoroughly glad of the choice I made. The portions were quite big (I would think that these should be dinner portions) and very good. I had the table d'hôte chicken mousse as an entrée and the pesto penne as a main. Both were very good, and again, very large portions. The service was good too, and am I ever glad I had reserved! It is of course Friday downtown, so as I was walking in I heard the host turning away a few people. The place was full the whole time I was there, and that brings me to the only thing I would like to see change: the noise level. Next time, I will either go sometimes on the weekend or for a late lunch to avoid the business crowd.

            1. re: idenon

              Not sure what downtown you're living near, but it was Thursday downtown here in Montreal last time I checked ;-)

              1. re: cherylmtl

                oh My! I can't believe I did that! :-) I'll put it down to the fact that it is "Friday" for me since I will not be working tomorrow... in any case, it was very busy today at lunch.