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Jul 3, 2008 08:22 AM

Prune or Barbuto?

Need to meet a friend for dinner/drinks tonight. Have reservation at Prune for 8:00 but couldn't get one at Barbuto. My question is: Which should we go to? Looking for relaxing atmosphere and place to talk v. amazing food (although both are good). If you suggest Barbuto, what are our chances of showing up and just getting a table at 8:30 tonight? I couldn't believe it was booked - figured the city would be empty. Thanks!

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  1. i doubt it would be hard to get a table at barbuto tonight.

    i love the place personally. and for dinner and drinks, id totally prefer it to prune which is cramped and overpriced in my opinion.

    1. Barbuto is the noisiest restaurant I've ever eaten in, but it may be better in the summer with the garage doors up. I loved the food, but I've never been back due to the deafening noise. So I don't think it's great if you're looking for a place for quiet conversation. Prune is cramped, but not as noisy in my experience.

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