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Jul 3, 2008 07:42 AM

Best restaurant for a date in Vegas

Firstly, thanks for everybody here that posts reviews, responses and critiques. I've been playing around with the search for the past week or so and already have a damn of where to eat in Vegas. Much appreciated.

I think i've narrowed the restaurant down to two places: Nobhill or Rosemary's. It's not limited to those, so if you think there's a better place given my situation, please mention it.

I'm looking for a cool place to bring a woman to, for a 1 on 1 dinner. I want to keep the bill to 100 per person but that can be flexible if the place is spectacular. I'm of the opinion that setting and service are half the enjoyment, if not more, so just as important as the food would be the ambiance of the restaurant. Preferably I'd like the opportunity to have more of an intimate setting, with less bustle. As far as food preference, anything is game, as long as it's closer to unique than standard. For example, I like the idea that Rosemary's is more of a 'local treasure' and as such is a bit different than simply taking somebody to Delmonico's (which is a possibility as well). We will be drinking, but Wine isn't very important, so a place that has a wicked wine list won't be a factor at all, so long as they have some good wine at reasonable prices (IE. around 100 or below), cocktails would probably take precedence.

So firstly, which might to recommend between Nobhill and Rosemary's?

Secondly, and others that you think are more appropriate?

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  1. You're right on track with Rosemary's but when making the reservation, definitely ask for a romantic/quiet table. Their food is the best in town and wine list amazing. If you go, on Sunday, bottled wine is half off so you can really go crazy if you'd like. Enjoy!

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      Swan court at Aureole would fit into what you are looking for. You walk through a busy, bustling, crowded restaurant into a quiet room with high ceilings, ultracomfy, oversized booths and beautiful swans swimming right outside the window. The service is attentive. The food, especially the tasting menu has been fabulous for me on 3 occasions now. The price lies right at the upper limit of your $100/person price range but you stated you had some flexibility for a special place which this is. Other Chowhounds may disagree, but IMHO Swan Court is amazing for a special date.

    2. I enjoy the food and cocktails at both Nobhill and Rosemary's (and we are not big wine drinkers either). In terms of specialty cocktails, Nobhill has that delightful Cable Car and Rosemary's does a fabulous "House Manhattan" (that's what they call it) with Knob Creek bourbon.

      However, I don't think Rosemary's is particularly romantic in the conventional sense. The two-tops tend to be kind of close together, and you can hear conversations from the tables all around. One person is inevitably facing a wall, unless you get a four-top where you can both look out. Plus the chairs are fairly uncomfortable. I just don't think it's the intimate setting you desire, and it does tend to bustle.

      Nobhill has cool booths in the bar area which are very romantic, you should reserve one of those. I don't know if you would consider the main dining room at Nobhill to be romantic or intimate, but I didn't think it was although that's not what I'm usually looking for. It seemed a bit stuffy actually.

      1. If you are thinking about NobHill, check for the availability of the booths in the bar area. Those truly are among the best settings in Las Vegas for a "1 on 1" evening.

        EDIT: Posted at almost the same exact time as Debbie W. above; sorry for the over-emphasis. But those booths really have a special flair.

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          LOL, great minds think alike!

        2. I have little overall Vegas dining experience, but on recommendations here on CH, I took my wife there for our last anniversary.

          We, too, love a good bar making great cocktails.

          From what I read about your requirements, I can strongly recommend Rosemary's. We loved it.

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            I would agree with Nobhill....ask for a private booth in the bar area, they are paneled by glass partitions = very private. Get her a cable car martini and she will be putty in your hands....haha if that's the kind of date you are looking for!

            One other rec....DJT the new restaurant at Trump hotel has these super private romantic booths. They are elevated and recessed into the wall with luxe purple velvet curtains. When I saw the dining room I thought Robuchon at the Mansion meats Fleurs de Lys. From what I saw the wine list is loaded with about 200 choices under 100, they had a myriad of menus to give.....over 60 beers by the bottle, sake lists, cocktails, half bottles of wine and the menu was really reasonable. They have both a la carte and also a tasting menu there they call "the deal" for 125 a head. Really cute! Food is bold and unique with a largely asian/med fusion influence. They do a lot of cart service (champagne, cheese and even cognac). At the end of the meal they drove by a complimentary cart of little cookies and chocolates to choose from. I really loved it. It blew me away and I wasn't even expecting it. My SO asked for a private and romantic booth. The staff was really professional, young and fun. Apparently most of them come from Guy Savoy, Bradley's, Robuchon and Bouchon.

            Either way you go.....please do us a write up....and good luck!

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              I know where I'll be on my next special occasion in Vegas, DJT. Thanks for the great description.

          2. Ahh but what about a room with a view....

            I concur Nobhill's Booths are great. Rosemary's is great for food eh on the romantic factor.

            Now I know the food isnt the best but you can't beat the romantic view at Mix.