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Jul 3, 2008 07:41 AM

New Olives Restaurant in Calgary?

John Gilchrist's article in the Herald on June 29 mentions the upcoming opening of a new restaurant called Olives in the Arriva condo tower on 12th Avenue SE. Does anyone know if it has opened yet and, if so, does anyone have any reviews?

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  1. According to release from Torode's Arriva condo developement: "Olives is the third restaurant to be operated by the Hotel Arts Group and will open on July 4th on the main floor of arriVa at the corner of 12th Avenue and Olympic Way SE. Olives specializes in innovative Italian cuisine created by Chef Johnathan Canning in a lively setting furnished with contemporary decor imported from Italy. Dine at the food bar and be inspired by Chef Canning as he creates dishes before your eyes. Relax in comfort in the lounge or dining room while sampling from a wide array of wines from across the Italian countryside. Drop by our deli market and select a gourmet meal to go."
    Although slated for opening on Friday, I saw a full complement of patrons there yesterday (assuming it was a private function for special guests of the restaurant). With the opening of Olives, as well as the three restaurants in the new Stampede Casino (Bambu Noodle House, Grasslands Cafe, 1912 Bar & Grill), the dining options in Victoria Park have inreased in a hurry.

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      Thanks sidepockets, and your comment about Vic Park is so true- there's also La Vita e Bella which has apparently withstood it construction-related challenges.

      Oh, and you get a white Smithbilt for spelling "complement" correctly- suddenly the whole English-speaking world has forgotten the difference b/t "compliment" and "complement"!

    2. i drive by everyday - it looks about ready for tomorrow, tables are set :)

      1. Did anyone else read the title of this post, and immediately think that Todd English was opening a restaurant in Calgary?

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          Quite funny - that was what I thought as well.

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            Speaking for myself, no, just because this has been on the radar here for a while, with the Hotel Arts connection and all that.

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              wonder if there will be a problem with the other Olives?

            2. I drove by last night, saw people at tables and wondered too. Thanks for the explanation.

              1. The food was absolutely fantastic....artisticly presented... Decor fresh yet cozy. Fine dining service but not uncomfortably posh. Good atmosphere/friendly service...$20-$40 a plate...fantastic wine list! I had the veal bolognese which was absolutely delicious and tried some of the gnocchi. Still can't decide which one was better. The bolognese was pretty good sized, gnocchi portion smaller....i'd suggest getting an apetizer to start if you're really hungry.