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Jul 3, 2008 06:52 AM

Why are stuffed peppers always made with green peppers?

I love red peppers, but whenever I order stuffed peppers in a restaurant ( or buy the Stouffer's red box!) they are always made with green peppers. The bitterness of a cooked green pepper does not always compliment the filling. So I often end up eating the filling at which point I question whether I should have just ordered a cheeseburger!

Does anyone make stuffed red peppers???? Wouldn't they cook the same as a green pepper?

The only purpose I see for green peppers is to be sauteed with onions on a roll with italian sausage

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  1. Since stuffed peppers are somewhat of what I think of as 'peasant' food (for lack of a better term), I can see cost as one reason why green peppers are used rather than red, yellow or orange, especially when making in quantity.

    1. I prefer the greens on a sausage and peppers also, but I could go either way with a stuffed pepper. I bet the heart of the matter doesn't rest on preferences, though- rather price is a consideration. The green ones are usuallu much cheaper.

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        I assume you're talking green BELL peppers. When I make my sausage/peppers/onions, I use only cubanelle peppers...less of a problem AFTER least for me.

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          I enjoy green peppers in a lot of dishes, but for the most part, with stuffed I like red. Sometimes you need that strong green pepper taste in a sauce or casserole though.

        2. I was just discussing this with a friend 2 nights ago! I suspect that the green peppers we get now may not taste as good as the green peppers of yore- that's the case for so many fruits and veg. But I don't see any good reason to use green peppers now, unless you are just barely cooking the stuffed entity so the pepper is heated but more raw than cooked. Plus, they're not easy to eat. I suggested that my buddy try cutting the peppers into wedges and mounding the filling on top then running them under the broiler. The filling will protect the pepper from the direct heat, and the whole deal could more easily be cut into bites that include pepper and filling.

          1. Maybe the simple answer is that green peppers are cheaper-
            I will do Stuffed anything - red pepper, Italian peppers, Poblano peppers, Jalepeno peppers, cabbage, zucchini, eggplant etc.....

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              What is an Italian pepper? Maybe that is what my Gram uses?

              1. re: melpy

                If I'm not mistaken, it's another term for "cubanelle" peppers...long green, somewhat irregular shaped and much thinner than the standard bell peppers.

                1. re: njmarshall55

                  Yes. While there are a number of varieties of "Italian Frying" peppers, "Cubanelles" (which I love & grow myself) are the ones you'll normally come across at the supermarket.

                  They're a long, pale green pepper, usually around 2-1/2" across at the top widest point, & have thin skins that don't require roasting/peeling. You can just seed & slice them up & saute them as is. It's my hands-down favorite for sauteeing with onions to top Italian sausage sub sandwiches, stir into scrambled eggs, etc., etc.

                  1. re: Bacardi1

                    Agreed. Just want to add that with "peppers and eggs," I like to REALLY caramelize the peppers and cook them way down with onions...almost to a chunky paste consistency.

                    1. re: njmarshall55

                      add small amount fresh tomato and cook almost down to a chunky paste for caramelized sweetness

            2. I routinely make stuffed peppers with red bell peppers and, if I'm making enough of them, I'll include some yellow and maybe orange ones as well, along with some green. All the different colors look great on a serving platter. They all cook the same, but of course there are obvious taste differences between the greens vs. the ripe ones.

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                Me, too. I always use red peppers. In fact I think green peppers get mushy and don't taste like anything.