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Jul 3, 2008 06:46 AM

Does Blue Hill compare at all to French Laundry?

.....or are they just in two different leagues altogether?

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  1. Well I haven't been to FL, but I have been to Per Se. Blue Hill (at least in Manhattan) is a totally different experience than Per Se -- not in the same league (price-wise, ambience-wise, service-wise, experience-wise). But it's still a wonderful restaurant.

    The Vegetarian New Yorker:

    1. What's the reason for the comparison? As Shivohum points out, Per Se would be the natural east coast comparison.

      1. We've not been to the French Laundy, but just a few weeks ago, we had our first experience at per se. A superb meal! We have been to Blue Hill in the Village. We were not wowed by the cuisine; however, that experience was years ago, so I can't venture an opinon on the current quality. We have also been to Blue Hill @ Stone Barnes, and the cuisine there did wow us, so I would say it comes closer to matching the quality of the cuisine at per se.

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          I've been to FL a couple of times and PS several times. IMO Per Se is better than FL hands down. Not really sure why, maybe because PS has better access to talent, maybe easier to get ingredients from around the world in NYC, who knows just my opinion....That being said Blue Hill in Manhattan doesnt come close to FL, however, Blue Hill Stone Barns is a very special restaurant and is an apt comparison to FL, given the setting, etc...Ed Levine just wrote a piece on BHSB that was very good ( yes I think BHSB and FL are in the same league...

          1. re: Cpalms

            Good. I've got a reservation for Saturday night and I'm hoping it's a something special.
            The one in the Village really impressed me.

            1. re: il Trifulau

              yes surely you meant to compare blue hill stone barns to french laundry. do report back!

            2. re: Cpalms

              You know, I've actually read the opposite -- that FL was better than Per Se. I was thinking that it's because the produce is much better in Northern California than the NY area.

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                I have never been to FL...but been to BHSB several times and PS once last month. My experience has shown that the quality of food at Stone Barn has slid a bit since 2005 based solely on the meals I have had there. In comparison...the meal I had at Per Se was almost the greatest I ever had...certainly in the top 2. I am not sure if the French Laundry is as good as Per Se, but if it is anywhere close Stone Barn is miles away.

            3. I've only been to Per Se (but will be going to FL next week -- so excited!) and Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Blue Hill is a very good restaurant but not in the same league as Per Se. That said, I'd be happy going to either.