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Jul 3, 2008 06:01 AM

Cheap, Delicious Lunch in Tribeca?

Hello all,

I work near the intersection of Canal and Broadway, which is sort of a crummy, sweaty, tourist-clogged area, but I have faith that there's good cheap eats to be had at lunchtime.

I am already aware of:
Westside Coffeehouse––big helpings of pretty good mexican/dominican
Columbine––fancy sandwiches
Jaya––tasty Malaysian.

What else is there?! I've eaten at these three places so many times.

Go nuts

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  1. For something inexpensive, I like Fukee on Lafayette just North of Canal. They usually have good roast duck, soy sauce chicken, and pork over rice, or in soup. $4.00. Where is Jaya?

    1. I used to work right around there a few years ago, and remember mostly going to Columbine all the time. There's a 'wichcraft on Greenwich st - it's worth the walk. Also New Bo-ky or New Green bo on Bayard. If you've got time, Walker's has a good lunch.

      1. Don't know how cheap you wish but Bubby's is there as well as Bouley Bakery Upstairs, with its great burger for a few bucks more...

        1. Try Province Chinese Canteen at 305 Church for great sandwiches.

          1. There's mooncake foods on watt street which is good, not too far away. There's also a sunrise market near there too on broome I think. Also the Vietnamese places on that street near bayard, can't remember name. Province is good and cheap.