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Jul 3, 2008 05:39 AM

Food at the Fringe?

Planning to take my kids to a bunch of plays at the Fringe Festival (which starts today). Any rec's for good chow in that hood? The kids plays are at the Palmerston Library, just north of Bloor St. We're into just about anything as long as it's real and not massively expensive. Thanks, hounds!

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  1. One of my favourite spots in the Annex is Butler's Pantry on Markham Street. It is not massively expensive and the menu offers many choices for patrons.

    Have fun at the Fringe.

    1. Near Spadina you'll get Real Thailand and Nataraj. Both great and real. Just avoid the ubiquitous sushi restaurants.

      Don't mind the ramen at INoodle west of Bathurst. Good meat and great spice. Lots of Korean places in that direction and they're more or less all good.

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          i'm also a fan of real thailand and they're usually my delivery go to (thai restaurants seem to offer delivery just as often as pizza places!). really like the panang curry there and the taro and shrimp cake appetizer they offer.

          for the korean places i really like the orange pillar place for dolsot meals, which might be tricky with kids considering the hot stone bowls. if hot pot style is ok, i found a couple korean snack shacks that do cheap and awesome looking meals. i went to one but seriously coveted the meals at the imonay house when i passed by after:

          good and easy to handle desserts can be found at the pastry shops. walnut cakes might take a certain palate since red bean fillings aren't for everyone. but they also have sweet sugar filled pancake like items.

          i thought inoodle was only ok, but that's me being picky. they seemed to be premade and sitting in a mess when i got mine not quite fully cooked and in a gigantic knot at the bottom. others have said otherwise, but i suspect it's run by koreans because of how they add the heat to their soups and how much they'll put in!

          definitely stay away from the sushi and futures cafe (which is all closer to spadina).

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          Forgot Caribbean Palace on Bathurst south of Bloor. Roti's and doubles. Great combo plates too.

        3. Sarah's just West of Brunswick has great falafel - and is very inexpensive. I also second Real Thailand and Nataraj.

          1. Wondering if anyone has any updates on restaurants in the Fringe Festival area? We are headed down tomorrow for the day and will be in the Bloor & Bathurst area. Last time we were at Fringe about 2-3 years ago, we went to Annapurna and had a really enjoyable meal.

            We are scheduled to see Caws & Effect at Factory Theatre, Peter & Chris Present: Here Lies Chris at Randolph Theatre and Johnny Legdick also at Randolph. May go last minute to Jizz Sock at Tarragon and/or Let's Start a Country at Tarragon, but will decide after Johnny Legdick.

            Would love some different options in the area. We are up for full meals and also snack/apps in between plays. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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              Roti Palace would still be my go to place for quick cheap bites near Honest Eds.
              Queen of Chicken is a decent churrasquiera for a quick cheap takeout - ask for brown meat.
              The Fry's korean fried chicken is being discussed on board, I haven't been.
              If you need a little pick me up before the shows - Almond Butterfly on Harbord serves great coffee and delicious GF treats (they close at 6pm).
              Guu on Bloor could be a great place to wrap up the night.

              Lemesa for great sit down Filipino food.
              Chelo & Co for Persian takeout. I like their salads - chicken was a little dry.
              Jimmy's on Portland for coffee.

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                Caws and Effect was great.

                In the area of Factory Theatre you have Queen Street to the north, walk over to Sud Forno for pizza slices, sandwiches and amazing dessert treats.

                Summerlicious is on right now and I know that Lemesa suggested by Happycamper is participating so keep that in mind (i.e. might be busier than usual and you may only have the 'licious menu option). Also close enough walking distance to King street and a few options between king/bathurst and King/Portland including Bar Buca on Portland (just south of King).

                Up by Tarragon, you are close to Fat Pasha.

                Update to original post, in case people didn't see the 2008 date, the kids venue has now moved (as of this year) so be sure to check out the program/website if you want to do the kids programming!

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                  Thanks hc and ylsf for the suggestions!

                  We tried to go to The Fry, however it was closed for some reason at 2:45ish. There was no sign on the door listing hours of operation. Maybe they open for dinner only????

                  We ended up trying Southern Accent and enjoyed it. We sat on the patio and started with a Kentucky Iced Tea for me and a Burbon Sour for hubby. Both cocktails were well made and tasted of fresh ingredients.

                  We decided on sharing hush puppies, calamari, blackened chicken livers and a dozen oysters.Oysters were well shucked and served with horseradish, lemon wedges and three of their tasty house add sauces. They were very tasty and I'd order them again.

                  The Blackened Chicken Livers were the standout and man, were they goooooood! They were blackened just enough and had a nice spice to them. They were served with mini garlic toasts and a tasty lemon buerre sauce. I would definitely order this dish again and actually seek out this place specifically for this dish. It was soooo good.

                  Hush puppies had onion in them and were served with one of their tasty house made hot sauces. They were good for what they were and it was my first time trying hush puppies, however I think I'm just not a deep fried corn dough type person. I always expect more from fried foods.

                  Calamari was good and served with a tasty smoked tomato sauce. Calamari and hush puppies were ordered and served after oysters and chicken livers so we were starting to feel full by the time they arrived and could not finish the dishes.

                  Summerlicious was on at this restaurant. Appetizers, including oysters, were 1/2 price until 6:30 pm, however not sure if that is the norm or part of Summerlicious. I'd definately return here for the drinks, chicken livers and oysters. Mannnn, that chicken liver!