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Jul 3, 2008 05:39 AM

Food at the Fringe?

Planning to take my kids to a bunch of plays at the Fringe Festival (which starts today). Any rec's for good chow in that hood? The kids plays are at the Palmerston Library, just north of Bloor St. We're into just about anything as long as it's real and not massively expensive. Thanks, hounds!

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  1. One of my favourite spots in the Annex is Butler's Pantry on Markham Street. It is not massively expensive and the menu offers many choices for patrons.

    Have fun at the Fringe.

    1. Near Spadina you'll get Real Thailand and Nataraj. Both great and real. Just avoid the ubiquitous sushi restaurants.

      Don't mind the ramen at INoodle west of Bathurst. Good meat and great spice. Lots of Korean places in that direction and they're more or less all good.

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          i'm also a fan of real thailand and they're usually my delivery go to (thai restaurants seem to offer delivery just as often as pizza places!). really like the panang curry there and the taro and shrimp cake appetizer they offer.

          for the korean places i really like the orange pillar place for dolsot meals, which might be tricky with kids considering the hot stone bowls. if hot pot style is ok, i found a couple korean snack shacks that do cheap and awesome looking meals. i went to one but seriously coveted the meals at the imonay house when i passed by after:

          good and easy to handle desserts can be found at the pastry shops. walnut cakes might take a certain palate since red bean fillings aren't for everyone. but they also have sweet sugar filled pancake like items.

          i thought inoodle was only ok, but that's me being picky. they seemed to be premade and sitting in a mess when i got mine not quite fully cooked and in a gigantic knot at the bottom. others have said otherwise, but i suspect it's run by koreans because of how they add the heat to their soups and how much they'll put in!

          definitely stay away from the sushi and futures cafe (which is all closer to spadina).

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          Forgot Caribbean Palace on Bathurst south of Bloor. Roti's and doubles. Great combo plates too.

        3. Sarah's just West of Brunswick has great falafel - and is very inexpensive. I also second Real Thailand and Nataraj.