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Jul 2, 2008 07:57 AM

Vegetarian at Talula's Table?

maybe this isn't the appropriate forum but... how would a mostly vegetarian (eats fish & seafoods) fare at talula's table? i have a group of 12 that wants in (for any old time) but i'm wondering if i should even bother being 1 of those 12!!! :)

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  1. Not too well. The May menu was three meat dishes and three fish dishes (plus cheese and dessert). Since all 12 diners are eating the same multi-course menu, it's not like you can just order something else.

    1. I've been wondering about this as well. Thanks for putting the question out there.

      1. It might be worth calling to ask. I can imagine that they might be willing to do a meal that is sans meat courses.... however, I think your whole party might have to be willing to be onboard.
        Maybe you just need to find 11 other "mostly vegetarians" to join you.

        1. talula's is happy to accommodate any & all allergies or food concerns, such as vegetarianism. they'll substitute just for that person, while the rest of the group enjoys the original menu - just let them know ahead of time!