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Jul 3, 2008 03:55 AM

Great Chinese in Boston -- Help?

My brother and I were born in Boston but move to NY when we were quite young. We always came back to Boston to visit family and we both remember having the most amazing chinese (much better than NY). We are visiting family in mid Aug '08 and we are staying right by Faneuil Hall which is close to Chinatown. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also, if there are any places in the area that is a MUST, MUST, please let me know. Besides Chinese -- we LOVE all kinds of food but when in rome, must have great seafood. And, lastly, what would you recommmend at Faneuil Hall because we might have a quick dinner on the first night and not really venture out. Thanks and can't wait to hear your suggestions.

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  1. We really enjoy Chau Chow City for their dim sum. I don't know much about whats at Faneuil Hall these days. Have a blast.

      1. Quick dinner near Faneuil Hall options (all MUCH closer than Chinatown, which is easily a 10-15 minute walk from Faneuil Hall):

        Top Pick: Neptune Oyster on Salem St in the North End (10 min walk or less-so worth it - search for details - there are lots)

        Japanese at Sakura Bana on Broad St.

        Kingfish Hall at Faneuil - celebrity chef Todd English outpost - very good raw bar and tuna tartare, but overpriced even for the neighborhood

        Durgin Park at Faneuil - old school basic New England fare with brusque waitstaff to boot-some claim its a must when in Boston..

        Sel de La Terre: solid French across from the Aquarium (5 min)

        Easiest and lower-priced, and consistent/surprisingly good for a chain: Houstons at Faneuil Hall

        1. If you like spicy szechuan cuisine, try Mary Chung's restaurant in Central Square, Cambridge. It's a cult favorite-- very inexpensive, and boldly spicy. Try the "Suan La Chow Show" (meaty wontons over bean sprouts with a spicy hot/sour sauce). It's listed under the soups, but it's not really a soup-- kind of defies description, but it's so damn good..

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            Mary Chung's isn't really a Sichuan restaurant. It is an American-type Chinese place with several Sichuan-inspired items (such as the suan la chow show).

          2. I have a good Chinese friend who swears by the Best Little Restaurant, 13A Hudson Street (in basement) in Chinatown, I believe it used to be Ho Yuen Ting.