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Jul 3, 2008 12:39 AM

What happened to Hakka, San Mateo?

We really liked Hakka in downtown San Mateo, but it recently disappeared. Does anyone know what happened to it and if the chef went somewhere else nearby?

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  1. I understand the owner of the building decided to open his own business, Togo's, and refused to renew Hakka's lease. I don't know whether the owners of Hakka will open in another location. Hope so. Hakka was an institution in downtown San Mateo for many years.

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      My family went there often going the last 2 weekends they were open and from what my parents told me, they are now retired. Too bad cause it was a nice cheap place for a good meal.

    2. What? It's gone?? Our fave stop when car shopping south of SF ...