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Jul 3, 2008 12:06 AM

Feast of Fields 2008

I gather there are three in BC this year, and I'm heading to the UBC one on September 7 -- they're doing e-tix this year, o joy. We went last year after several years' hiatus while it was out in the Valley (again with the 'burbs phobia, my bad). It was good but not quite as good as I remember. There was one really outstanding cod brandade, though... Any one else hitting any FOFs this year?

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  1. I've yet to decide about the Vancouver Island FOF. I didn't go last year because 2006 wasn't as good as some past ones (partly location, partly weather & partly food), so I thought I'd take a break. I didn't hear much about 2007, so I'm not sure if there were any real stand-outs to make it worthwhile. Now if I knew there would be even just one or two unique items that I'd be Wowed by, it'd be a no-brainer......I have to say I love milling about in the sunshine in a lovely field with a glass of wine & good food!

    1. I'm really disappointed that I missed FOF at Vista d'Oro. I'm not that interested in going to UBC and may skip this year. I like going to places that I haven't been to before and how often do opportunities to visit rural farms come up?

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        rtms, what about the Whistler one? I don't know anything about that venue, although it doesn't sound anything like a farm...

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          I haven't been to the Whistler one. I am curious about it, being to close to Pemberton - I hear they grow great potatoes up there!