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Jul 2, 2008 11:58 PM

Tutti Frutti in Pasadena?

Just curious to know if anyone has tried the "Tutti Frutti" place in Pasadena, on Colorado at Mentor, two or three doors down from Europane?

I keep driving by and am intrigued by the idea of Colombian hot dogs, but haven't yet made it in the door. Their website is completely useless in terms of menu content ( ), though maybe a fruit smoothie would hit the spot in the heat.

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      I have not a clue - was hoping that someone could educate :)

    2. Sounds like a Bionicos Place, fresh fruits and fruit salads with nuts and creams and dried stuff. I bet the Hot Dogs are like Downtown dogs with bacon, onion, peppers and the works.

      1. Pretty good dogs. I like their "American Dog" which seems to be sort of what you might get if you asked for an American-style dog in say Columbia. It has mustard, relish, onions, a drizzle of mayo, and I think ketchup, too. No sport peppers, though.

        The Columbian dog has chopped pineapple and ground up potato chips among it's toppings and it seem's like it was twice as big as the other dog. It was a bit much for me, conceptually anyway.

        They have free wifi, too.

        1. EL D, I see it almost each day but never moved to go inside. I don't see too many customers there. But, let us know what u think--if you're ever moved to go in.

          1. I think bcuz EuroPane is just 2 doors down is why I've never been moved to ck it out!!

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            1. re: Foodieaholic

              I'll be sure to let you know, of course - and I'm faced with the same issue regarding Europane myself - too easily distracted / lured in by the promises of delicious pastry-ishness!