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Jul 2, 2008 11:44 PM

Vancouver - dessert places?

Any recommendations for dessert places that are similar to Calgary choices like Manuel Latruwe, Nectar, etc.

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  1. Never been to those places in Calgary but Thomas Haas in North Van may be similar.

    I've only been once for lunch. The place was packed but I enjoyed the food + dessert. Anyone else have an opinion on this place?

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    1. re: smel

      I second Thomas Haas...the place is quite small, but the desserts and chocolates are top-notch.

      1. re: smel

        Agreed. Thomas Haas is great.

      2. Thomas Haas is a great choice. My other favorite is Ganache Patisserie in Yaletown. On Saturdays, they're open till 9pm =)

        Ganache Patisserie
        1262 Homer St, Vancouver, BC V6B, CA

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        1. re: gourmet wife

          I'm not familiar with those Calgary spots either, but I like Sweet Obsession on 16th (near Kits). They have great pastries (a caramelized apple turnover is a favourite), brioche and of course elegant desserts such as lemon dacquoise. Went in May and had an excellent lemon cheesecake. Especially nice if it's warm and you can sit outside.

          Sweet Obsession Cakes & Pastries Ltd
          2611 West 16th Ave, Vancouver, BC V6K3C2, CA

          1. re: gourmet wife

            Ganache's menu looks tasty. Have you tried their macroons? Are they like the french ones?

            1. re: too_hungry

              I don't know if they're the true french ones, nothing to compare it to (never been to france) but they are tasty. My only grip with their macaroons is, I think they can be a bit crispier but that's just me.

              1. re: too_hungry

                My girlfriend and I went to Granville Island yesterday, and to her delight, we found macaroons at the bakery just outside the Public Market. She is a self-proclaimed macaroon connoisseur, and must sample them wherever she sees them.

                If by the "french ones," you are referring to the colorful cookie sandwich thingies (as opposed to the coconut biscuit-y ones), then yes, the Granville Island ones are indeed French. They are quite large though, and at $3.25 each, they are a fair value (in the Bay Area, I think they go for around $1.50 to $2 each, and are around half the size). My girlfriend got a strawberry one, which she really liked due to its intense strawberry-y-ness. I had a bite and thought it was good, but I am definitely no expert (I usually pass on macaroons). It had a slightly crispy outside, but were a bit soft on the inside. They also had green tea, caramel, peppermint, and maybe one or two other flavors.

                1. re: aburitoro

                  What was the bakery's name? And yes, the "french ones" are the ones with colorful coatings on the outside, buttery cream or jam filling sandwiched in between chewy or crisp cookie.

                  1. re: too_hungry

                    It must be Baguette et L'Echalote.

                    1. re: fmed

                      I believe that's it -- if that's the one just outside the marketplace in its own building.

                      Also found Butter the other day on Dunbar for take-out sweets (no seating):

                      They have really good s'mores. We found them by way of packaged gourmet s'mores we saw at Caper's/Whole Foods and Urban Fare. They also have cookies, marshmallows, and some other baked goodies. Their cookies were better than most if not all I've had in Vancouver (but nothing spectacular).

                      1. re: fmed

                        $3.25 for a macaroon is pricey, especially when I paid that much in Euro for 1 in France and it was the size of my palm! and so tasty. Tried a couple the other day, raspberry and chocolate. Their filling was more like a buttercream. They were ok, but preferred the ones I picked up at La Panier in Seattle @ $1.50 each.