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Jul 2, 2008 11:11 PM

Nice & Antibes--Cheap & Tasty?

I will be in Nice & Antibes next week, and am looking for inexpensive but delicious places for lunch, as well as recommendations for good cafes for petit dejeuner or aperitif. I'll be with a friend from Dijon, and we will eat anything, though the more local the better. Neither of us makes much money, so we don't need Michelin starred-recommendations; 30 euros for meal and a glass of wine is our upper limit for lunch. Locations convenient to transit are best, as we will be without a car.

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  1. I left disappointed from every reasonably priced restaurant I tried in the area. It's not exactly a sit-down lunch, but my favorite bite to eat was socca from a street vendor at the Antibes outdoor grocery market. My blog, linked from my profile, has some more details.

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