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Jul 2, 2008 11:00 PM

Jitlada Recommendation

Just read the recent Gourmet magazine review, recommending Jitlada Restaurant. Curious if anyone has any opinions on the restaurant as a whole? Does it live up the rave review?

My girlfriend and I are planning on heading down there in the next couple days, any can't miss dishes? Any dishes to stay away from?

We're always looking for great thai in the LA/SFV area, and if this is as good as they say, we might be in luck!

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        5233 1/2 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027

    1. Gourmet magazine does not rule the roost; there are far better Thai restaurants in Los Angeles.

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        Maybe, but not for southern Thai dishes.

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          I agree about Gourmet Magazine and that there are other good Thai places, I really enjoy Sri Siam but which places do you find "... far better..." then Jitlada? I have eaten at most of the NoHo Thai places and several other that CH folks and JG like in Thai Town but have not found any that are FAR better than Jitlada. I have been working my way through the translated Southern Thai menu at Jitlada and many of the dishes are extraordinary!!! Thanks Eric M. from Chicago!

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            I finally got to Jitlada after reading about it for over a year on Chow! My friend and I both enjoyed ourselves, but I had a couple of issues. First the great part. . .the salads. My friend got the beef salad and I got the catfish salad. They were both delicious!! I found that on my catfish salad, there was a big mound of the catfish and just a little salad underneath (not like the same salad I had in NY) but it was tasty. The beef salad was excellent!

            My problem was with the soft-shell crab with curry. I thought it looked "different" when it arrived. . .The curry was not a sauce on the dish, but more dried in spots on the crab and veggies. It definitely did not taste bad, so I thought maybe it was just me. Also, I asked for heat and it was very mild in flavor. (I wish I had pics so others can see what I am talking about)

            Today, I came onto Chow to look at the pics of other people's dish and mine certainly looked different and did not have curry sauce at the bottom of the plate. In fact, I added the dressing left over from the beef salad to it to add flavor. So, that dish was disappointing. . .

            I am willing to give Jitlada another try, though. If only for their different salads.