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Jul 2, 2008 10:45 PM

best of pittsburgh

My boyfriend and I are in Pittsburgh (from LA) for 3 days and want to eat at the 5-6 restaurants (high-low) that really define Pittsburgh. No restrictions- we eat everything. Moving here for grad school and want to get a feel for the city and it's food. Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. "Define Pittsburgh" or "are really, really good"? There's often quite a sizable gap between the two here. But if you're looking for the best of both, I would start at Bona Terra in Sharpsburg, where everything on the menu is locally sourced. BYOB, which you'll find a lot of here. (Do yourself a favor and acquaint yourself with PA's foccacta LCB system before moving here.)

    Welcome to the 'burgh!

    1. Tessaro's: Good wood fire burgers in a very casual Pittsburgh bar atmosphere
      Jorza's Corner: Friendly, good Hungarian family style food exemplifies the large Eastern European population of the area.
      Red Room: Trendy new style cooking shows Pittsburgh is at least somewhat coming up in the food scene

      1. Kaya: 2000 Smallman (Strip District) -- Carribean tinged with excellent vegetarian options

        Legume: 113 S. Bradock -- BYOB, small venue with no reservation. Casual presentation of excellent locally sourced ingrediants.


        1. Thanks all. We're excited to check these out!

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            Part of defining a community is exploring neighborhoods. A good excuse for exploring a new neighborhood is food. You need to see Strip District, esp. on Sat morning. Breakfast at DeLuca's or Pamela's. Biscotti at Enricos. Coffee at La Prima. Southside/Carson St area you could catch a funky Veggie Sunday Brunch at Zenith, Middle Eastern at Kessab or Asian at Thai Me Up. Be sure to look around Forbes & Murray in Squirrel Hill. Some food thoughts are Asian take-out at Zaw's, Smallman Street Deli and whatever else catches your eye

          2. Ciao in Carnegie -- best wine list in pittsburgh.