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Jul 2, 2008 10:43 PM

King's Fish House in Orange?

Latest reports? Still good? Need a togoplace if I don't feel like cooking this weekend!

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  1. Oysters are still good. Fanny Bays and Kumamotos haven't disappointed.

    1. Pretty bad the last two times I went there. Service was distracted, food was almost inedible and sloppily prepared. For instance, I had their tempura soft shell crab, which was a crab that was drowning in a thick cornmeal batter- ugh! The summer grains rice pretty much uncooked, while the veggies had been charred to a crisp. Wife's fish had also been grilled so long that it was incredibly dry, while on another visit, the salmon had been merely seared. On top of everything, they keep messing up our orders even though usually there have not been more than three or four parties in the restaurant. It's disappointing, I've always used King's as a dependable fall back when I wanted something seafood in the area, but no more.