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Omurice?? Chika is now closed...

I walked by Chika the other day and it's now a pizza joint!? Does anyone know where it moved to?

I love their omurice and I need to find another place that has good omurice!!

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  1. If you are talking about Chika in San Francisco, it moved to San Mateo two years ago.


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      Digging further, the San Mateo venue is apparently now closed, per Yelpers.

    2. Yes, Chika's closure in San Mateo was reported here earlier. But also a mention that it has moved to Cupertino, http://www.chowhound.com/topics/52457...

      I've not been able to find any other clue of it in Cupertino, but maybe you'll have better luck or someone out there knows. The former San Mateo phone number doesn't offer a new number.

      1. Try Hattoriya in Mountain View for omurice.

        1. Oidon on 4th Street in San Mateo also has Omurice at lunch. I don't think they serve it at dinner.

          1. On the Bridge in the city has it too. Or you can buy "Let's Cook Japanese Food!" written by me, shameless plug, and cook it yourself. It is really easy.

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            1. After watching Lunch Queen, that spectacular Japanese drama about a woman and a lunch-specialty restaurant, I went on a similar quest to find the best omurice I could!
              ... except, of course, there's really no such thing as "the best" omurice, seeing as how different people love different things about it!

              Anyway, I know this post is somewhat old, but I'd love to drop some recommendations (mostly South Bay, since that's primarily where I chow):

              Clover Bakery - San Jose - The best omurice I've had yet! Tomato-based rice sauteed with chopped bits of bacon, wrapped (yes, wrapped! Not simply placed underneath!) by a thin layer of eggy goodness, topped with their delicious demi-glace sauce (comes with a side of asparagus and carrots, too). However, they will not make it runny for you, and I haven't really tried recently to find out if other places do, but it's still quite delicious (and while you're there, try their other menu items, i.e. their hamburg steaks (the deep-fried one is especially yummy), their Japanese-style pasta, the shrimp gratin/doria ... mmm!).

              Curry House - Cupertino, CA - Recently opened, their version of omurice is absolutely HEARTY! While the Clover Bakery version is probably about right, portion-control-wise, this one is just simply massive! To finish an entire omurice here is probably a bad thing, but hey, if you have the appetite for it, go for it! I certainly wouldn't blame you.
              Anyway, this version of omurice is quite different; for starters, it's called “Spicy Omelet Rice - Chili chicken pilaf omelet," so instead of using pork or beef, they use chicken. Pretty normal I suppose, but the interesting part is the chili part! The sauce reminds me of a marinara/tomato-based sauce. The innards consist of rice, diced carrots, and chicken, and together it tastes a little buttery but pretty damn delicious. The egg is on TOP of the rice, rather than wrapped around it, but it's still pretty good.

              I know they have it at Toby Tyler's too, but I'm not impressed at all with it because they use ketchup! While I know that's a pretty home comfort staple that is used, the fact that other places offer it with such delicious sauces makes me feel like there's no reason to come here for omurice (but they have a whole buncha other stuff, which really should be saved for another post :D)

              Hmm, looks like my photo didn't attach because it was too large! Here's a link to a picture of omurice from Curry House:

              This is one from Clover Bakery & Cafe:

              Clover Bakery
              4342 Moorpark Ave, San Jose, CA

              Curry House
              10350 S De Anza Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014

              Tobie Tyler
              1217 Wildwood Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA

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                Mmmm ... that first picture looks delicious. The second link didn't work. Thanks for the tip. I like Clover but I've never tried food there, only baked goods.

                Clover Bakery
                4342 Moorpark Ave, San Jose, CA

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                  Oops! I somehow knew that would happen, it being Picasa and all :)

                  I uploaded the picture elsewhere:

                  Hope that works! And let me know how Clover turns out for you.