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Jul 2, 2008 10:01 PM

Dining choices in Central West End St. Louis

Hi! We will be attending the Muny for Miss Saigon three evenings while in St. Louis and are staying at the Chase Park Plaza. This is our first visit to St. Louis and need some experienced opinions on where to dine within walking distance of our hotel. I have bookmarked Atlas, which I read about here. I like light, fresh, innovative cuisine. Possibly al fresco, if it's not too hot and on the quiet side so we can talk. Any suggestions for me?

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  1. b'fast? Kopperman's.

    you'll be at the heart of the STL cafe 'hood, just stroll up and down Euclid. see what's likely and appealing - lot's of choices and a very comfy area (some used to call it the West Trend)

    while you're at it if you want the full STL experience, pretend you're a couple of miscreant teenagers from Brentmoor or Carrswold who just raided the folk's liquor cabinet and boosted the Rolls to go swim at the Chase (coulda used the pool at home, but that either wasn't as much fun or the upkeep was abandoned years ago after the divorce) and see what happens. charge your drinks to somebody else's room.

    1. Thanks for the tip on Kopperman's. That will be a great help, since we have a kitchen in our suite and will most certainly want to stock it with goodies. LOL, is your advice on the full STL experience a little trip through memory lane???

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        not directly - friends of friends.

      2. For a diner-esque breakfast, head down a couple of blocks to The Majestic. Great neighborhood place with atmosphere.

        Majestic Restaurant
        4900 Laclede Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63108

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          Thanks Alan, I'll check it out

        2. On a recent visit to STL, I enjoyed a wonderful al fresco dinner at Moxy Bistro and al fresco lunch at Bar Italia, both an easy walk from the Chase. At Moxy, two of us split an appetizer (butternut squash tortellini), salad and entree (a halibut special). The food was excellent, the quantity was perfect, the service was very good, and the wine selection was perfectly adequate. At Bar Italia, the caponata appetizer was sublime, but after a bottle of champagne (a decadent lunch), I remember little else. Enjoy -- I was very impressed with the Central West End, and with St. Louis in general -- and make sure you stop in Basinger's (a block from the Chase) and buy some of their amazing chocolates!

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            Oooh, those all sound sublime - especially the bottle of champagne, lol. I have bookmarked them all - thanks a lot!

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              It's Bissinger's, by the way, a classic St. Louis institution, which has been making chocolate in the Central West End since 1927 ( Definitely worth a visit.

              Bissinger's Handcrafted Chcltr
              32 Maryland Plz, St Louis, MO

              1. re: alan

                That's going on my agenda for sure.

            2. I second Moxy for a lunch outside. The mushroom risotto is to die for. I prefer Chez Leon for French. It is on the expensive side, but if you are looking for classic French fare prepared well and great atmosphere...Chez Leon is it. There is a great coffee roaster on Laclede Ave: Northwest Coffee Roasters...all done on site. I really prefer them over any other coffee spots in the area. I also recommend The Scottish Arms. Classic pub fare, great beer selection, outdoor seating and a great atmosphere. Atlas is a definite in our book. Good choice!

              I would have to disagree with the recommendation of Majestic. Had a meal there a month ago and it was not a good one. The food was sub par, cold, service was bad and the dishes were dirty. I prefer Tom's Bar and Grille if you are looking for a 'joint' type place. They have some tables outside as well.

              Since you have a little kitchen area in your room be sure to check out Straub's Market.

              Have fun!

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                Thanks, Cheesemongerswife. Chez Leon and Northwest CR have been added to my list for sure, as well as Straub's! What an amazing selection to choose from so far.