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Jul 2, 2008 07:43 PM

Laduree's Reputation Well Deserved

Now I know why Laduree's macarons are so celebrated. These are one of my favorite types of cookies, and since I've only had U.S. made versions, the difference is clear. Many I've tried are overly almond-y or the filling is all about cream and less about flavor.
At the rue Royale salon, I bought 14 of the 16 flavors they had that day (the two omitted were licorice or anise flavored). The filling in the framboise was amazing, like boiled down raspberries right off the vine. Cedrat was also very delicious, citrus-y and just right for summer. My husband loved the chocolate. Ok was the menthe glaciale, only because it would take some getting used to eating a mint cookie that has no chocolate combined.
Yay! I hope to return sooner rather than later...

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  1. I bought a couple of licorice flavor Laduree macarons thinking they were dark chocolate. To my surprise, they were terrific with a caramel filling and I am not a big licorice fan.

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      I agree the licorice macarons are fantastic

    2. I've got to agree, the macarons are terrific at Laduree (as are the tarte tatin, the people watching, and the overall experience). Maybe I'm biased since Laduree's were the first I tried, but I was relatively unmoved by the equally famous macarons at Hermé. Sprüngli in Switzerland makes a very nice version called Luxemburgerli.

      Anyone have any other favorite sources for these? Good recipes?

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        Ladurée will open 'Ladurée Le Bar' at 13, Rue Lincoln, 8th arr. on September 16.
        You can download the menu (no prices mentioned) right here: