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Jul 2, 2008 06:59 PM

Where to eat in Ottawa?

We will be spending 3 or 4 days in Ottawa in mid August. I'd love some suggestions? While we have a moderate preference for French and Italian, we will eat anywhere as long as it is quite good.

Thanks in advance!

We will also be in Canton, New York for a few days, in case anyone knows of a good spot there.

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  1. Domus on Murray is excellent - Beckta on Nepean is a pricey destination restaurant - very good - both french-fusion/Canadian places.

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      My spouse and I had a fantastic experience at Beckta. In addition to the wonderful food, I really enjoyed the wine pairings. It is a pricey destination restaurant, but worth every penny in my opinion.

    2. Domus and Becktar are good high end options, as mentioned by yazter.

      For cheap eats, go to Shawarma Palace located at 464 Rideau Street for an amazing shawarma. And you must have poutine from one of the local chip trucks. They're parked downtown in a few places. If you have the time, go to Pataterie Hulloise (google it). check this link for what it offers (if you're into it):

      1. It's a little Mundane but I learned to love the Works burger chain in Ottawa. It's not cheap (for a burger place) but the portions are large (and good) and isn't silly/pretentious as most burger oriented places in Toronto (not to mention it has a larger selection).

        Beckta is always a great suggestion.

        1. Lebanese pizza from places like Gabriel's, Colonnade, etc. So good...

          1. For casual food and interesting beer and music try the Black Tomato in the market. The courtyard patio is nice.

            I second Bekta for something a little more special.