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Jul 2, 2008 06:57 PM

Best chorizo con huevos in SF?

I'm looking for suggestions/opinions on the best chorizo con huevos in San Francisco. Please consider not only the core chorizo/eggs concoction but, for obvious reasons, also the quality of the accompanying tortillas and salsa. Thanks!

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  1. I know it doesn't sound like the traditional place for chorizo con huevos, and I'm going to add a disclaimer that I haven't been there in a few years, but Polkers on Polk and Green used to make a really good chorizo and eggs. The thing I appreciated most about it was that they knew how to scramble an egg. I've gotten chorizo con huevos at places like Los Jarritos, and too many times the eggs are way overcooked, to the point that they are dry and hard. At Polkers the eggs were always soft and fluffy. They come in a very good sized portion with home fries or black beans and salsa fresca (and flour tortillas) The accompaniments aren't anything to write home about, but they don't detract from the meal either.

    1. Haven't had the Chorizo Con Huevos, Arroz, Frijoles at Pastores but based on their Chilaquiles and esp. the quality of their home made salsas I'd say they are a good candidate.

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        They serve Arroz with breakfast????!!!! Eat_Nopal does not approve!

        To sheriff above.... I often find very good Mexican breakfast dishes at primarily American style cafes where the line cooks are Mexican.

        If anybody cares.... I think scrambling the eggs with chorizo is going about it all wrong... the places that really know what they are doing sautee the chorizo with potatos and/or nopales.... then serve that with some sunnyside eggs, a little wedge of fresco... fresh squeez Valencia juice... maybe a little Concha & Xocolatl to follow.... now THAT is a place that knows how to do Mex breakfasts.... anybody have any tips for the Bay Area?

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          I don't know a place that does it well, but I desperately want to know if someone else does now. I just had a nice dish of chorizo con huevos for breakfast, but you've made me hungry for more.