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Jul 2, 2008 06:45 PM

Zoe's Meats (Petaluma)

I came across Zoe's Meats in the CalMart in SF today. Looks like the offer a wide range of charcuterie, salumi, deli meats, etc. Is anyone familiar with their products? Any recommendations?

From looking at their website, it is hard to tell who actually makes the meats and/or where they are made/cured/processed.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I had the pastrami in a pressed sandwich at Green Grocer in Windsor. Here's the photo,

      The pastrami was fairly lean with one line of fat through the center. Shaved quite thin, it was tender though and not stringy or tough. Not sweet nor too salty, but I didn't detect much smoke.

      Zoe's Meats
      133 Copeland St, B Petaluma, CA

      Green Grocer
      Windsor, CA, Windsor, CA

      1. The cafe in my office switched to Zoe's Meats a few months back. Maybe its the assembly but the sandwiches don't seem particularly special to me. It kinda seemed like a "boy band" brand name.

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          Pulling a slice of the pastrami out to taste on its own, yeah, I'd agree with you that it's not loaded with character. It definitely needs all the accompaniments --- cheese and housecured sauerkraut --- but it played very well with those.

          Green Grocer is a great place to stop for a casual lunch during barrel tasting weekend. It's west of 101 in the Russian River Valley appellation.

        2. I've had the mortadella (OK), coppa(good), hot coppa(pretty good) and proscuitto (better than average domestic). Unfortunately, Cal Mart doesn't carry it anymore because of poor sales.

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          1. re: hankstramm

            Calmart never stopped carrying Zoe's Meats. They continue to carry the sliced proscuitto and mortadella, and they also carry Zoe's garlic rosemary turkey, applewood ham and pastrami in the deli case.