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Jul 2, 2008 06:30 PM

Food that goes best with popovers

Hello my fellow 'hounds. I have a question for all the popover lovers out there. I've been craving one lately, and would like to whip some up. Other than soups, is there any food that goes well with popovers? I was thinking some sort of egg dish...but any suggestions are welcome. Thanks! :)

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  1. Mmmmm....popovers....Because popovers are very similar to Yorkshire pudding, I think what goes best is a wonderful roast beef with all the sides: mashed potatoes, gravy, maybe some asparagus, etc.

    Not necessarily a summer thing, roast beef, at least in my mind, but hey, if you have a hankering...

    1. Aren't popovers the traditional with a standing Rib Roast Beef? Alot of recipes I saw included the "dripping from roast beef" as part of the main ingredients.

      But yes, ffrench scrambled eggs would be excellent. But why stop there? think then a nice egg salad, or a seafood salad, served along side?

      1. Here is a link to the menu for NYC's Popover Cafe:
        Plenty of inspiration there. When I was growing up, the signature popover dish was a split popover filled with chicken a la king. I once had a brunch dish which was creamed mushrooms in a split popover.

        1. Split them and fill them with chicken or tuna salad (chicken salad is better.)

          1. we like them with pork sausages and onion gravy. Yum.