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Jul 2, 2008 06:01 PM

ISO Summery Cake that Keeps

Next weekend, I'm going on a trip with a bunch of friends to a lake house, and I'm bringing the sweets. I'm known for my cakes, both layer and bundt, and would like to keep up that reputation!

I need a recipe for a summery-tasting cake that keeps well. I'm making it on Friday to be served on Saturday evening, and it must endure a relatively cooler-free, 3 hour-long car ride. I would like it to be really flavorful and summery, so a gently-flavored, lemony tea cake would NOT be appropriate. For the sake of variety, I'd also like to avoid basic chocolate, if possible.

Any ideas? Actual recipes, or links to them, would be especially appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. There's a really nice cherry crumbcake recipe by Nick Malgieri here:

    It should keep pretty well (especially if you make it with buttermilk) and it has some strong cherry, vanilla and cinnamon flavors.

    1. okay maybe it's not summery enough, but sooo flavorful, and not only travels well but gets better over a few days, so you could even make it wednesday or thursday...

      Gramercy Tavern Gingerbread

      1. Angel food cake? Take cream for whipping and macerating fruit separately and assemble at the house. Cut the cake in half and make a tunnel, fill with fruit and whipped cream mix. Or cut slices and serve with lots of fruit and piles of cream. Fresh strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries say summer to me.

        1. I love this blackberry upside down cake:

          It's good with all kinds of berries and keeps well for a few days.

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            Teddy's Apple Cake, recently revived in the NY Times, is a wonderful confection which is both moist and toothsome - and it retains these qualities for many days. Recommend it highly, and by all means include the optional nuts which I roast first for 10-15 mins at 350. Enjoy !

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              Have you ever made this in a bundt pan as opposed to a tube pan? Is the flat bottom totally necessary, or would the simple round edge of a basic bundt pan still "hold the apples in?"

            2. re: Pia

              The blackberry cake does sound really summery indeed, but one question: the recipe says it yields only 6 servings. Would you say that's accurate? If so, have you ever tried doubling it? (We're 8 people...)

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                Update: You got me thinking on the mixed berry track. When I visited my parents this past weekend, I spotted a Barefoot Contessa recipe for tri-berry muffins. I'll probably make those for the car ride, and maybe your cake for another outing next weekend! Thanks again!

                1. re: porceluna

                  Sorry, I just noticed your followup post -- I'd say 8 people would be fine but wouldn't leave a lot of room for seconds. Anyway, it's a quick and easy cake that you can whip up for a few dinner guests, or for afternoon tea, some time if you want to try it and have a smaller crowd.