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Jul 2, 2008 05:56 PM

Prepared foods near Buena Vista Park

We are entertaining family at a vacation rental apartment in the area and want to assemble dinner. Have no objections to making a few stops to collect provisions. Delessio seems like a great resource. We have a car but I get cranky driving in your city so farther afield recs should merit the aggravation. Thanks hounds!

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  1. I would hit Delessio as you seem to be planning.
    Somewhat nearby is Bryan's on California St. Gourmet prepped foods can be found in the Meat and Seafood Market and the grocery market next door has all the standard stuff as well as olives and cheeses, fresh bread etc...
    Delessio has the edge when it comes to desserts and sweets, more charcuterie and more hot food. I think there cheese is a little expensive, Bryan's has more affordable choices for cheese than Delessio.

    Bryan's Quality Meats
    3473 California St, San Francisco, CA

    1. DeLessio is a good option; make sure you go to the one on Broderick because it's closer and has a better selection. It's also in the same building as a pretty good grocery store, so you can stock up on basics.

      I've never been in, but Healthy Spirits is an upscale corner store that's pretty close to Buena Vista. Here's Melanie Wong's description from the place record:

      "This place is in a word, eclectic. The beer consultant has brought in a collection of over 300 Belgian beers with tasting notes. The store also features a wide variety of gourmet cheeses, wine, bourbon,scotch, absinthe, and deli goodies including the highly recommended, Rami’s Mommy’s Spicy Hummus, made on site by none other than Rami’s Mommy! They feature homemade authentic Mediterranean dinners to go on Fridays that include a side dish and a sweet bite. The store also offers a Beer of the Month Club, which gets you a discount on select beers as well as in depth tasting and pairing notes. Every friday from 5 to 7 the store fromager hosts a cheese tasting, featuring a wide selection of artisinal cheese from around the world. Also opens early and closes late and has a helpful, friendly staff."

      It really depends on what side of Buena Vista Park you're talking about; if the west side, then various places in Cole Valley would be handy. If the north side, then DeLessio is your best bet, if the east side maybe Healthy Spritis. It's a very steep hill.

      Since you have a car, don't forget DeLessio has a free parking lot, as does Bryan's (around back behind the strip of buildings along California; enter off one of the streets that intersects California).

      Delessio Market & Bakery
      1695 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103

      Healthy Spirits
      2299 15th St, San Francisco, CA 94114

      DeLessio Market & Bakery
      302 Broderick St, San Francisco, CA 94117