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Jul 2, 2008 05:55 PM

Key Lime Pie in Hudson River Valley

I was going to order a Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie for hubby's b-day, but I see they no longer ship their pies. Brooklyn is a little too far to travel (esp. on a holiday weekend), but I'm wondering if there is any good key lime pie to be had here in Hudson River Valley. We are most likely going to Rhinebeck for dinner, and live in Newburgh, so anyplace in between on either side of the river would work.


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  1. There was a review in the Poughkeepsie Journal of Jenny's BBQ and they specifically mentioned their key lime pie. I have never been there but the newspaper gave it 3 1/2 stars out of 4. It's located in the town of Milan (in Duchess) but it may be too out of the way for you. Good luck in finding a pie and please report back.

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      Well - Jenny's was a bust. I should have called ahead, but just checked out the website and thought I was ok.

      Anyways, we went to dinner in Rhinebeck and then drove the 10 miles over to Milan. It was 8:01 when we pulled into the parking lot. The posted hours were Thurs. - 5-8. Well, they were closed. Hubby knocked on the door, and the woman that opened it did not seem very happy. I asked if they had any key lime pie to go - and she (very abruptly) said no, and they didn't even have any key lime pie.

      So, I guess the lesson is - call ahead to make sure they know you're coming, and make sure they even have key lime pie that day!

    2. If you can get ahold of Mexican limes you can make your own. Some people prefer the usual persian limes.