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Jul 2, 2008 05:35 PM

Dining w/ Views of the Waterfalls

I'm questing for the best outdoor dining spot that offers a view of the current Waterfalls installation ( Doesn't really matter where as there are four waterfalls total. And to clarify, I'm interested in sitting down for a meal—not grabbing a sandwich and heading over to the Brooklyn Promenade to take the sights in from there.

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  1. I keep hearing that south st. seaport is the best spot to take them in and there's some outdoor seating at those restaurants at that mall on pier 17 but I haven't been there in quite some time and I definitely can't speak to the quality of the food (doubt any of it is really good).

    1. I took the Ikea ferry yesterday from Pier 11 in Manhattan to Ikea in Brooklyn--which provided spectacular views of all 4 waterfall installations. To keep this chowish--you could take the ferry to Ikea, dine on Swedish meatballs, and take the ferry back--thereby getting 2 great doses of waterfall viewing along the way.

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        The best "outer borough" view would probably be from the River Café if you could get a seat by the windows. I would go for a reservation right away. I would also guess that the the River Café (which is on a barge) might be rocking more than usual because of the wake from the Waterfall under the Brooklyn Bridge. You **might** also be able to see two off the falls (Governor's Island and Lower Brooklyn) from Alma, the Mexican Restaurant on Columbia St. Make sure you reserve a rooftop table.

        River Cafe
        1 Water St., Brooklyn, NY 11201

        187 Columbia St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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          Just wanted to say you cannot see the waterfalls from Alma as I was just there for brunch today. But the view is still beautiful.

      2. The River Cafe should give you a view of the one under the brooklyn bridge. I know you don't want to "grab a sandwich" but somewhere in between that and a real restaurant, the Rice restaurant people have set up a concession on Pier 1 in DUMBO. Beer, wine, sangria, corn with cheese, fries etc....and tey have set up numerous picnic tables. You an see all four waterfalls from here. I went last Friday night and we couldn't bring ourselves to leave until the waterfalls were shut off (and we had had a lot of booze and food).

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          Great suggestion! Where is Pier 1? Rice's website doesn't mention anything about their concession. TIA

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            At the foot of Old Fulton Street is Fulton Ferry Landing (the Walt Whitman Pier), just to the left of the River Café. The entrance to Pier One is just to the left of the FFL. It goes out a little further than the FFL and thus is better for the view.

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              I second the motion for the Pier 1 location as a nice place to see the waterfalls, even though I haven't tried the Rice food there. If you're at the ferry landing, facing South Street Seaport with the BargeMusic barge to your left, the Pier 1 location is slightly beyond BargeMusic, i.e., further left (south).

              I know this is not what the OP asked for, but a co-worker and I grabbed sandwiches from Almondine, and had a lovely Pier 1 lunch last week. We saw that the Rice menu there included tacos, burritos, hot dogs. There's no table service, though. You have to carry the food/drinks to the nice picnic tables with umbrellas.

        2. The Seaport definitely has views of all 4 falls. There's even a place up on the 2nd level called "Waterfalls" that I assume was set up for just this occasion.