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Jul 2, 2008 05:23 PM

[Hou] South Houston suggestions?

The EE and I plan to take a friend to dinner this weekend in/near South Houston. THe EE asked the friend (who lives in the area) and he suggested Red Lobster or Golden Corral. Not.

The EE told the friend, "We can do better than that." So we're looking for a place that:

-- Has good food
-- primary menus: seafood, steak, BBQ or Mexican
-- not too fancy
-- open on July 4 (though I'm certainly happy to look into that aspect of the suggested places -- you don't have to do ALL my work for me!!)

Help me out, Houston Hounds!



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  1. Do you mean The City of South Houston, or southern Houston. Southern Houston encompasses a fairly large area, Near South Houston and certainly in southern Houston is Bonnie's Beef and Seafood on I-45 just across from Gulfgate Mall(east), just inside the loop. Haven't been in a while but is not too expensive, and is certainly an upgrade from Red Lobster and Golden Corral.

    1. Out that way we have eaten at this mexican place named Gringos, off of I-45. Looking at B4UEAT I see it is a small chain, but it was good food. Also Floyd's Cajun Seafood House, in Webster off of I-45. This is run by the original Floyd who ran Floyd's on Durham. When he was there it was great food, crawfish, CFS with a gravy that I could have drunk (have no idea what it was but sort of orange in color.) Now that location is Mardi Gras Grill and I'm not as pleased with it as I was when Floyd ran it. I haven't been to the Webster location because my DH won't eat anything there and I am not driving that far by myself!

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        Hey Dani - I hadn't thought about Floyd & Floyd's in a long time. My experience at the Floyd's in Webster wasn't so great but I hear lots of good things about it. I just started a new topic on Sam Segari's - ever been? It's up there in the Durham-Shepard area (or German Shepard as my daughter thought it was called when she was little!)

        1. re: serich

          I have never been to segari's. Have to check that out. That's cute - the German Shepard area.

      2. (Cut & Pasted from another conversation)

        Interesting recommendations ya got there...

        Will need to try Noemi's as I usually go across the street to Taqueria del Sol - open 24 hrs. Food is good, with an interesting crowd. Handy for those late Sat nights. You eat next to cops next to Gospel bands next to who knows!

        I confer with the Dot's recommendation but wish they hadn't remodeled. It used to look like the Best Western motel diner in the movie, "Swingers", (Vince Vaughn) or the one from "Pulp Fiction".

        The pies, each and every one of them, are excellent. You can camp out and no one hassles you. We did that just a couple of weeks ago when my sister came in at Hobby and we had to wait on my daughter who was also flying in - (it took her 7 hours to fly from Lubbock to Houston). We munched on fries and shakes and took our sweet time as did Southwest Airlines.

        Too bad Tony Mandola closed his Blue Oyster Bar.

        My find over in the SE side is Cafe Flores and guess what, it isn't Tex Mex or Mex-Mex, or any the above. The owner is a formally trained bakery chef and her desserts prove it but you have to clean your plate first. Luckily, that proves to be no hardship.

        Her breads are freshly baked, her soups are from scratch - her lobster bisque, omg! (Because she makes the stock from the lobster shell, it isn't on the menu everyday...) Pick a sandwich you like because you'll be eating it for two days. Lunches can get busy so if you don't have time to dine in, get a menu & call in your order to do.

        The mornings start out right with a cappuccino (and we all know that you don't drink cappuccino past 10:00 a.m., right?) and a freshly baked muffin. Her Chocolate cake, Italian Cream, Carrot or German Chocolate - all winners in my book.

        They are open for lunch and dinner. They have a nominal $7 corkage which is perfect for your favorite bottle of red when her son fires up the grill outside and cooks your steak to order.

        The restaurant is clean & tidy. The woman who runs Cafe Flores (sorry, her name escapes me) sponsors a school in Guatumela and funds it with school supplies with the Guatumelan coffee she sells by the pound.

        She features local artists and students by displaying their work on the wall. Occasionally, there is live music such as Sister Sister y Los Misters.

        Okay, okay, I'll stop now but I could go on. My office was up Harrisburg a wee bit and to find this oasis in my midst was truly heaven sent. Oh yeah, she helps sponsors the 'Nuns on The Run' event, too. Nuns on the back of Harleys raising money for the Catholic retreat at Villa de Matel.

        Okay, I'm done. It's at Wayside & Lawndale

        Suzanne Richards

        PS If you're looking for seriously hardcore diner action, The Dinner Bell Cafeteria across the street is the real deal. Excellent pies - food action is coronary on a plate.

        PSS Does anyone else like Bohemeo's on Telephone?

        1. Dorothy,

          Where did you end up eating? Were you happy with it? Share, please.


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            We ended up going to Connie's Seafood Kitchen and really enjoyed it.

            I had scampi shrimp. The EE and our friend both had fried seafood. The stuffed crabs were the best I've had. The food was tasty, fresh and reasonably priced.

            The place seems aimed at Mexican families. Spanish is the preferred language, and most of the guests -- large family groups mostly at mid-day on July 4 -- spoke Spanish. But the food wasn't Mexican food as most Americans think of it. Interestingly the favorite side dish is fried rice and it was quite tasty.

            The tab for the three of us, including softdrinks, tax and tip, was just under $45.



            1. re: Dorothy

              If you liked Connie's, you'll like Mambo's as well. There are several around town, similiar food. They always have very fresh red snapper, prepared to order, I like it grilled.