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Jul 2, 2008 05:09 PM

New Le Creuset Color--Slate!

I saw it in person and it's really pretty. The cover is very shaded from medium gray to deeper gray on the edge, and you can see little speckles from the spray they use to apply the enamel. The gray has a touch of blue in it, but it doesn't really go with their other bright colors. I guess they brought this out for the sleek, stainless, minimal kitchens and for people who don't care for the bright colors. It's pretty, but I'm not sure I like how food looks in it.

What do you think?

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  1. We saw this last weekend when we stopped in at W-S to see what was on the sale table(Mauviel and Ruffoni! Hooray!).

    Anyway, I didn't care for this. Is it actually a new color? I seem to remember a gray some years back, but maybe it was a darker shade.

    Anyway, I don't care for the Dune or White either. (though I do ahve a piece of white myself). The gray seems less attractive to me and as you mention i'm not sure about food in it.

    We carried the gray Revol where I work and it didn't sell at all(and is currentlys sitting discounted on the clearance rack). Be interesting to see how W-S does with this color. Though they do a good job with their marketing and catalogs so probably can skillfully create a lot of interest in it...

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    1. re: ziggylu

      I think it is another color that is exclusive to WS, like green. I've not seen anything from LC themselves about the color. The newest color I've seen is Dijon. Seems like LC keeps trying to kill off anything yellow and there is too much demand.

      1. re: Candy

        I don't quite get the marketing of Dijon as new? I have a Dijon piece I picked up at an outlet a few years ago...and W-S had it exclusively for a while. We just brought it into our store advertised as a brand new color though.

        Their marketing confuses me!

        1. re: ziggylu

          They brought it out as a "new" color after January. As I said they keep trying to kill of yellow without success. There are many variations on the same theme, some darker, some lighter some shaded. If you look at the LC catalog from last year nothing in the yellow rnge was available unless as a select color for SLT or WS, if that. Definitely not in the LC catalog in 2206 0r 2007.

    2. I think it would go well in a kitchen that had a lot of anodized cookware (think Calphalon or all clad ltd). But I personally prefer their bright colors (I have some of the cobalt blue, a red, and an orange pumpkin). I have a black Staub, but I just think bright colors when I think of Le Creuset. As for how the food looks, I assume it has the same interior color as the colored pieces (that cream color), so I bet food would look about the same in it.

      And there's another new color that looks cool to me at sur la table. It's a bright turquoisey blue.

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      1. re: baloo

        That is Caribbean it should be available from any vendor who carries LC. It is pretty and popular but will be unavailable within about 5 years. Popular colors like that run their course.

        1. re: Candy

          The Caribbean is a weak color in our store...we're in Phoenix. We get shipped TONS of it but it doesn't sell too well for us. I was hoping we would get out of it this year but we dropped Chestnut and picked up Dijon now.

          It must do well in other markets though?

          Red is the best seller in the store I work at. Then Cobalt.

          1. re: ziggylu

            Chestnut does okay,but as a college town, Bloomington, IN, the college, younger group who can afford it like the "hot colors". Red is always good and cobalt. We have one steady customer for flame, the very traditional color. We just do special orders on that. I wish White would come back and of course my favorite Hunter Green.

            1. re: Candy

              Funny, Chestnut was pretty popular for us. We're in the Phoenix suburbs though and the rustic/tuscan look is still really popular here in terms of decorating so maybe that's why the brown was so popular and the Caribbean just sits.

              We sell Flame at Christmas but hardly ever during the rest of the year.

              Funny, I've never liked the white. My 5.5 is actually white. I picked it up as the steal of the century for $27 brand new(first quality) about 8 years ago.l've never liked the color but....can't justify replacing it especially given the price I paid for it. I was just telling my husband last night I wish we'd buy a vacation house so I could "retire" it to the vacation house and buy myself one in a color I like!

      2. At K-Mart, the enameled cast iron stuff from the 'Martha Stewart' line was this color!
        It looked great, and a 5.5 qt dutch oven was $59.99 if I remember...

        1. The Slate color seems really dull and drab to me. Also, I don't think food looks as appealing on gray.

          1. Mmm. I like the idea of it, but I think you may be right about how the food looks in it.

            I tend to pick up my pieces on sale, so I go with whatever colour is cheapest, so I've got red, medium blue, dune, and pale blue.

            I never thought I'd buy a pale blue pot (just not my colour) but I saw a photo in a magazine spread, and it really made the food look great. And I've never regretted it - served mac 'n cheese in it tonight, and it gave me a thrill looking at how the colours popped. Certainly not the most important thing to consider, but since it's going to be around forever...

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            1. re: Gooseberry

              I also have an assortment of colours, based on what was available or on sale - royal blue, black, various shades of red.

              1. re: MMRuth

                Me too - I used to buy some from Caplan Duval outlet in Canada (a tip I got from CH), when the exchange rate was good. I have the shaded blue, cobalt blue, dune, and the older dark gray that Ziggylu mentioned above (I think it was called granite).

                1. re: MMRuth

                  Mine are all mismatched as well: white, cobalt, red, dijon, cactus, and the apple, pumpkin, and purple pepper. I actually like having the different colors both from an aesthetic point of view...and for's very easy to say to someone "grab the yellow pot" rather than explain which is 3.5 qts!

                2. re: Gooseberry

                  The first time I say blue pots were at a friend's house whose wife was bulimic. She cooked a nice dinner, but I was turned off. Maybe it was because she was the cook and I knew how she felt about food, but the food looked very unappealing to me in that color, and I stayed away from blue pots for many years, thinking it was unnatural. Kind of like George Carlin's blue food routine.

                  Since then, have converted, happily, to the pro-blue camp. My beautiful Staub 6 qt. coq au vin is so gorgeous that a rubber boot would look good cooked in it!

                  While I think I saw some LC closeouts in gray over a year ago (maybe not the exact Williams Sonoma color), the only reason I didn't buy one was because I didn't need pots in that size. I really didn't favor the color, since I prefer bright colors, but it is no more drab than black cast iron. While most of my LC pots are in the original flame, I have a some dark green too, as well as another brand in black and white. I like mixing colors and will probably continue to do so. My kitchen is very neutral in color, so I can buy any kind of dishtowels, pot holders, curtains, etc. quite deliberately.