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Jul 2, 2008 05:04 PM

NYC Good Eats

Heading back to our native land for the last week in July. I'll admit that I have not been up with the latest restaurants and places to try and need some guidance!

Any new(ish) restaurants that 2 deprived NYC transplants should try?

Budget is reasonable to a little splurgy, and the restaurant would preferably cater to carnivores as well as vegetarians. We are staying in the LES so bonus points for places in our area!


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  1. The places that opened recently and are noteworthy are:
    Soto, Adour, Bar Boulud, Benoit, Momofuku Ko, Matsugen.

    1. Brown Cafe in the LES

      1. 15 East and Craftsteak.....oh, and Anthos