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Jul 2, 2008 05:01 PM

they re-opened

As I was walking with my wife to meet friends at jardin de panos, we noticed that restaurant lombardi re-opened. I'm anxious to try it again. I haven't had that massive pork chop with my fettucini alfredo in a while. mmmmmmmmmmmm pork chop mmmmmmmm

Panos was okay but nothing to write home about.

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  1. So we finally went to try the the new restaurant lombardi. Altough they reopened renovations are not complete. Inside it seems that it's all done but the outside doesn't have a sign yet and the sidewalk is not fixed. Altough that might be the city who does this. Since it's constructions hollidays it might take a while.

    Restaurant looks nothing like before. It's totally different. It's more modern than it was before. I liked aqnd my wife also. But we didn't come for for a restaurant staging.

    We wanted food. I was anxious to have my porkchop with fettucinni alfredo. My wife had diabolo pasta dish. The waiter suggested that we try their grilled calamari instead of the fried ones for starters. So I said we'll try both. They were very good and especiaqlly the grilled one with the touch of lemon. Overall the same quality and tasty food. For dessert we shared a chocalate cake a la tablerone or something like that. very good.

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      Maj54us, I am intrigued by the pork chop fetuccine alfredo thingy. Is the pork chop grilled? served with a side of alfredo I guess? And about how much is that dish?

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        hi moh, If my memory is correct it's around $19 but it a good piece about 2 inches thick and it's grilled the futicini is an extra since I changed the pasta and it was 1 or 2$ extra. By the way it wasn't on the menu but I knew they had so I asked for it.

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          Must admit I am a big sucker for this combination of big hunka meat and fettucine alfredo! Thanks for the info.

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        Restaurant LOMBARDI is our latest 30 Seconds Review.

        Our friend Georges told us about this place. He told us that the restaurant re-opened after being closed for more than a year because of a fire. We noticed that the building is brand new. Our waiter told us that everything is new except the personnel. Everybody is back on the floor and in the kitchen. Guess he wanted to reassure us by saying it's the same good old cuisine.

        Same or not we didn't care since it was our first visit. Our experience was as expected from a restaurant serving Italian cuisine. It was very rich and nourishing. A bonus is the location of the SAQ wine store. It's two doors down from the restaurant. In the province of Quebec, most "bring your own wine" restaurant don't charge a corking fee like other restaurants in the rest of Canada.

        see attached photo or the video review on our blog

      3. Things are changing on Duluth street. Au vieux Duluth is closed! no wonder the food sucked big time. There's the new city bikes parking that took 2 parking spot on duluth and rivard. Funny scene there was to many people wanting to park their bike but the stand was full. ohh well.

        The biggest change is that I was served by a gentle giant young lady at lombardi She was a charm to deal with. Her name is Julie and she says she's 6'7" but man I looked so small next to her that I'm sure she was 7'.

        They didn't have the my favorite this week (giant porkchop). So as they say on the menu that they can cook whatever I want, I had a plate of fettucini alfredo with shrimps. My wife went for spaghetti bolonese. I went to SAQ and I heard a couple rave about this wine. So I picked it up and was surprised by the cheap price 9$. I said what that..... I'll try it. and I was really surprised of the good taste. It's caledl fuzion from argentina.

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          Weird! I just hear about Fuzion today from my cousin from Toronto. Apparently it's all the rage there and they can't keep it on the shelves.

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            thanks for this review, sometime we get craving for simple italian and will give this a try as so central and good to know about that wine tip, been ages since i have been to duluth area and always to jardin de panos

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              Fuzion has been, by far, the top seller at SAQ for the pas couple of years... The price and frutiness I guess. At the same price point, I prefer Finca Flichman, also from Argentina.