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Jul 2, 2008 04:51 PM

El Pollo Loco, Tewksbury Ma. - not bad for chain/fast food

We were surprised at how tasty the chicken was, and the salsa bar was a nice touch. For a fast food chain, this was a nice alternative. Chicken was very tender and not dried out. Sides of chips, guac, and beans (bbq black) were surprisingly good (although not the corn or vegies but I didn't expect them to be great). We loved the salsa bar, comes with all the dishes: two differenct salsas, another sauce and a hot guacomole sauce (thinner then normal guac). We also split the chicken nachos and was surprised as well. I guess we weren't expecting much from a drive thru, fast food joint - but it did exceed our expectations. Seemed a bit healthier then Kentucky.

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  1. I didn't realize there were any of these in New England; there's quite a few all over Southern California. Yes, the chicken is really tasty and flame broiled. I don't remember liking their black beans because of the smoky flavor, but I did like their regular beans (they're not refried).

    1. Dry chicken - done to 185F, just like the book says. Not much selection besides dried out chicken. I didn't expect much, they failed to deliver. Drive across the street to Oscar's Pinata. Also check out the entries in the on-going Lawrence food thread about Jacqueline’s Grocery Store - great chicken.

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        yes, will have to try that place. We love Cafe Azteca in Lawrence. Been wanting to try an authentic Puerta Rican place in Lawrence but can't remember the name.

      2. i was at Foxwoods Casino a couple months ago and had a $10.00 food coupon burning a hole in my pocket. I used it at El Pollo Loco there before getting on the bus to go home. What a pleasant surprise! The chicken was perfectly seasoned and moist. That was almost as surprising as going home a winner,lol. Unfortunately there are no El Pollo Locos in my area but I'll eat there when I return to Foxwoods.

        1. This location did not make it and they are now closed.

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            There is one opening in Warwick, RI in the spring...