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Jul 2, 2008 04:45 PM

Thuman's Hot Dogs

Anyone know where to get these hot dogs in the Houston metro area.

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  1. I'm not sure, but having grown up outside of Philly, I love these dogs. I'm really not too sure if you can get them outside of that area...

    1. I'm in NJ and get them at Costco. Maybe Sam's club or BJ's will have them.

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      1. re: Eric in NJ

        Hi Eric,, I'm in Houston (originally from Paterson NJ),, where can I find some Falls View "Sauce" as in "all the way". While I'm asking,,, Devil Dogs and Tasty Cakes would be nice too! I did find a source for Taylors Ham..


        1. re: bornie

          I've never heard of Falls view sauce, is that something from the Niagra falls area? As to Tasty cakes I would check their website for contact info, maybe they can let you know of the closest place to you they ship. By the way they still are good. I love the little coffee cakes the best.

      2. Hey, how about Libby's or Johnny and Hanges (orig from Hawthorne)? If you are from north Jersey - - you should know hot dogs. The string in Roadfood on NJ hot dogs is probably the longest on any topic...

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        1. re: vwgto

          Now your talkin. Libby's was right down road from where I lived (I was there two yrs ago on a visit) as was Falls View. J&H was a special ride away! NJ has the BEST HotDogs! You a Houstonian now vwqto?

          Check out the hot dogs at Barnaby's Restaurants (Shephard or W Gray). Its the best I've found in Houston

          1. re: bornie

            Yes, Houston (5 yrs) via Atlanta (20 yrs). Took my two teenage nephews on a NJ hot dog tour two years ago when visiting up there. Hot Grill, Hanges, Libby's, Rutt's Hut - - and White Mana while in the area. Funny you mention Barnaby's. Just a few weeks ago we traveled into town to try, but only Baby Barnabys was open - - which we tried, and it was a good breakfast. I hear the fries are good at Barnaby's as well. Obviously, I have simple tastes. We plan to get down there soon. Other recommendations?

            1. re: vwgto

              Yes sir! Try Romano Pizzeria on W. Gray for terrific NY Style Pizza. Vinnie and Frank (from Queens via the Campania (or the next region south) of Italy,, Luigi is from Naples (Pizza capitol of the world), and here by way of NY State) own this restaurant and the pizza is terrific and served up with a "NY attitude"! Tell em Jack sent ya! Serious!

              Also, try Jersey Mike's in the Rice Village for a sub... It's pretty darn close to what you remember in North Jersey(Like Blimpie's USED to be,, remember the one in Paterson near the YMCA?). Order any sandwich and "dress it", "Mike's Way" (w Lettuce, tomato, seasoning, oil and vinegar).

              Cannoli's from Dolce Vita (while there grab a pie like they make in Italy)

              Candilicious next to the Chocolate Bar used to sell Goldberg's Peanut Chews,, and they may have picked the line back up.

              NY and NJ's Grimaldi's Pizzeria is opening sometime soon in Sugarland. I can't wait!!

              Of course,,, if you want a NY Deli in Houston,,, run to Kenny and Ziggy's on Post Oak.... After your pastrami sandwich and cole slaw,, take an eclair home with you. Its big enough to feed the family and man is it delicious!

              Just a start!

              1. re: vwgto

                Should have mentioned the "Black and Whites" in the Central Market Bakery section. Not great,, but not bad either!

                1. re: vwgto

                  What about the most divisive hot dog stand in NJ, Hot Dog Johnny's on Route 46 in Buttzville? I love that place. I think I'm the only one in my family that does...

                  BTW, I went to Kenny and Ziggy's over July 4th and wasn't that impressed. I did get a chance to go to a bagel place near Myerland and was treated to the best bagels I've had in Texas.

                  1. re: Donko

                    Don't remember Johnny's on 46, but on infrequent trips to Paterson,, I did find Rascal's on 46,, Little Falls or Totowa (across from where 2 Guys used to be). Would have a couple of hot dogs "all the way" and a Taylor Ham sandwich! Amazing!
                    Hey, the bagal shop you visited,, NY Bagel Shop on Hillcroft is owned by "Eddie, the bagel man". Nice guy,, from Michigan,, hockey player...

                    The Thumann's Hot Dog distributor for Houston is "Classic Deli Supply at 718 849-0900. I was told in an email that they could help indentify a retailer in the area.

                    I'm heading up in Nov for a reunion. Will start a heavy exercise program soon in preparation!

                    1. re: bornie

                      Actually Classic Deli Supply's # is 713-849-0900 the number posted above goes to some water main supply company... I'll post a DFW distributor when I get the info tomorrow.

            2. It's not in the Houston metro area, but for any former Jersey residents (I was born in Paterson) in DFW, according to their website, Thuman's hot dogs can be found at Hirsch's Meat Market in Plano.


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              1. re: txram

                Txram, I was born in paterson too!! First the Eastside Section,, then BrookSloate area,, Redwood Ave/Chamberlin,, then McBride Ave near Stoney Road. email me at and ck out for Paterson stuff. Hey, Viva Falls View, Libby's and Johnny and Hanges for some of the best dogs around! Jack

              2. Anybody ever find a Thumann supplier here?

                Tastykakes are sometimes available at Jakes on Chimney Rock. Philly Connection stores carry them. Antonini's Subs and Steaks in Webster also. The owners are from Delaware. I was also at South Philly Steaks on Scott across from Robertson Stadium but forgot to check for Tastykakes.