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Jul 2, 2008 04:30 PM

Bachelorette party at the shore

My wife is planning a bachelorette party for her friend and wants to do it at the shore. She wants to start off with dinner somewhere that they can sit outside, and then do some bar hopping in the area. She'd prefer to be in an area where they can walk from bar to bar rather than drive. Any suggestions?

Looking for anywhere between Belmar up through Sea Bright. Thank you very much.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I would steer clear out of Belmar unless you want to be picking her up later at the police dept. Besides, all the fun places are gone now...Reggie's was great! That leaves you with D.J.'s, ...FULL of 21 year olds drinking like they have never seen alcohol before, they overcrowd the place and attiude city with the bartenders.

      Sea Bright was great when Tradewinds was there. TOO much fun for me!!

      What about Jenkinson's in PP? That place usually has a few bach, parties there. Always fun there. Don't know where to eat since it is on the boardwalk. Maybe eat somewhere else, then hit up some places.

      The other thought is Manasquan. Leggets is a fun bar, or if it is still open...The Osprey.

      If I think of more I will let you know, and let me know what night to be ready! ha ha!!

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        What about Sallie Tee's or McLoone's for dinner and then hit up Sea Bright afterwards- Donovan's & Ichabod's. Not sure what else is there, and I haven't been to those places in years. Perhaps others can comment on whether those place are good options...

        1. re: skippper97

          IMHO, McLoone's doesn;t impress me, thought it was mediocre at best, disclaimer - haven't been there in 5 years so maybe it has changed.

      2. how about pier village?
        eat at sirena.. sawa has a fun bar avenue has the classy club upstairs mcloones bar isnt bad.
        plus a block away theres 4 bars on brighton ave.

        1. Highlands *just slightly north of Sea Bright/Sandy Hook bridge* has a number of casual bars and waterview bar/restos.

          hit the "Eat" link