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best beer on tap

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i am thinking of getting myself a genuine at home draught beer set up. if you had one, which brand would you go for in a keg??

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  1. Well, local is always good. Where do you live? Or, at least, what part of the country?

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    1. If you look into ordering sixtels (about 2 cases worth, or 1/6th of a barrel) then you can change it up every now and then. Sometimes a pale ale, sometimes a stout, an Oktoberfest in the fall, etc. That's what I like to do.

      1. Easy answer: Hobgoblin, it also has a really neat tap.

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          this might require an additional hardware investrment.

        2. I change depending on the time of year. I have Paulaner Original, Ayinger Weiss and
          Sierra Summerfest on right now. I am lucky that I have others that I can split kegs
          with (I keep the keg, the xfer into cornys) though I also keep full kegs when it is something I like. Considering price, I am starting to favor some local beers as well (Franconia from north Dallas/McKinney). I do suggest getting as many couplers as you can so you are prepared. Cheers

          1. In Minnesota I would go with Surly. This is from their web site.

            Liquor Stores - That carry our kegs
            The Liquor Barrel - Golden Valley
            Highway 55 and Winnetka Ave - 763.544.9881
            7890 Highway 55 (Olson Memorial Highway)
            Call them to be sure they have what you need.
            They are carrying both our beers, Furious and Bender in 5 Gallon and 15.5 Gallon kegs.

            1. i will second surly.........really quality beer. Never had it on tap, but out of the can it is fantastic.

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                3rding surly. for folks in mn, other beers don't really need to exist. the new bitterbrewer is really nice and light for summer, or you can't go wrong with furious. whatever kind of brew you prefer, would be the correct answer, even if that means michgldn lite or whatever. but the whole point of your home tap system is fresh local beer--get surly, or your favorite local selection.

              2. Go for fresh beer--make your own.

                The other benefit is you can usually fit three 5 gallon cornelius kegs in the same space as one big half barrel keg.

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                  I expect you could also fit three 1/6-bbl kegs of commercial beer in the same space, but IAC that would require a three-tap setup, or lots of patience.

                2. Best beer I've ever had on tap was Smuttynose Jack Daniels porter. Amazing.