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Jul 2, 2008 03:49 PM

best beer on tap

i am thinking of getting myself a genuine at home draught beer set up. if you had one, which brand would you go for in a keg??

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  1. Well, local is always good. Where do you live? Or, at least, what part of the country?

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    1. If you look into ordering sixtels (about 2 cases worth, or 1/6th of a barrel) then you can change it up every now and then. Sometimes a pale ale, sometimes a stout, an Oktoberfest in the fall, etc. That's what I like to do.

      1. Easy answer: Hobgoblin, it also has a really neat tap.

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          this might require an additional hardware investrment.

        2. I change depending on the time of year. I have Paulaner Original, Ayinger Weiss and
          Sierra Summerfest on right now. I am lucky that I have others that I can split kegs
          with (I keep the keg, the xfer into cornys) though I also keep full kegs when it is something I like. Considering price, I am starting to favor some local beers as well (Franconia from north Dallas/McKinney). I do suggest getting as many couplers as you can so you are prepared. Cheers

          1. In Minnesota I would go with Surly. This is from their web site.

            Liquor Stores - That carry our kegs
            The Liquor Barrel - Golden Valley
            Highway 55 and Winnetka Ave - 763.544.9881
            7890 Highway 55 (Olson Memorial Highway)
            Call them to be sure they have what you need.
            They are carrying both our beers, Furious and Bender in 5 Gallon and 15.5 Gallon kegs.