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Jul 2, 2008 03:23 PM

Parcel 104

Is this place worth checking out? I know it's popular, but is it really good for the price? I'm just trying to find any restaurant in the South Bay worth going to.

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  1. For the price, I would suggest Tapestry in Los Gatos. Cheaper and better food.

    Also, Dio Deka. Maybe not cheaper, but still better food.

    Parcel 104 isn't bad, it's just not that goodfor the money.

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    1. re: lgphil

      I agree, in general. I've never had a bad meal at Parcel 104, but never had a great one,either - it's more of an expense account place, IMHO. I had a pretty mediocre meal at Tapestry a couple of months ago. Dio Deka is my favorite tablecloth restaurant - expensive, but worth it (esp. if you like lamb; stay away from the moussaka, though, and save room for dessert).

      A couple of other restos worth checking out: Red Crane in Cupertino, Aqui in Willow Glen (casual), Evvia in Palo Alto, and Fu Lam Mum in Mt, View. (Check out the old threads, too.)